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Chronicles of a ghetto

Cascades of child like laughter roll of the scarlet paved street of a Harlem like neighbourhood
Infused with the liquid brown scent of human an assault on the senses

Ringing of bells announcing the day of worship
The streets littered with the frail bodies of the old scuffling towards centuries of ritual

Glaring eyes of men stripping naked the rushing by bodies of rose scented women
And the lull of lustful whistles exposing her fragility

The sway of her leather clad hips inviting the desires of their life seed
And gushing howls of their lust echoing in the empty halls of her soul

The snuffing of white orchard powder to keep the mind in a state of numbness
To shut out the cries of a mother yet again decorated with azure blotches of painful blows

The cry of an orphan infant splitting the hearts of none
No man’s problem for all have shed tears of raw agony and frustration
Tears a commodity to poverty for there is no price for pity

Their lives painted in the splendour of shades of blacks and grey's
The waves of monochrome limitation their view of heaven

Yet one may escape

To ride the waves of diamond oceans that drown out the sound of those ringing bells
That erase the memory of wood clad brooms sweeping the choking dust of mediocrity into the lungs of faceless faces

Where the dazzling light of blue-brown cotton is the commodity to rainbow colours of greed and deception

Yes one may escape

To be imprisoned in a cell with walls so grand with the illusion of freedom
Like a makeshift music box playing lies and deceit into a darkened heart

Are those cascades of child-like laughter I hear in the distance of Harlem?

Copyright © Hedwig Black | Year Posted 2019

Details | Hedwig Black Poem


Somebody has been in my room
Has been in this place
Has invaded my space
Somebody has been in my room
Has walked right in and has seen that which I wish to remain unseen
Somebody has been in my room
Has crawled into the wells of my soul and has seen the swells of pain unknown
Somebody has been in my room
Uninvited, has scratched and dispatched my box of secrets
That I have kept in secret places away from seeking faces
Somebody has been in my room
Has stolen my identity, driven me to insanity
And as I sit in this room
Thought over my head loom
I wonder…
Who has been in my room?

Copyright © Hedwig Black | Year Posted 2019