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For Ronan

Your soul was being attacked
Meanwhile mine carried bags
Of sorrow, devastation and guilt
For I knew your little body couldn’t handle this
This cancer that sprung up out of nowhere when you were two
But you got your army men and went to work
How strong your little heart was
Bigger than any of those little army men
Nevertheless, your little body didn’t fight forever
How could it?
So I sat you on my lap and told you that it was okay
You died that day.
So now,
Every chance I get I say screw Cancer
Fot taking the most precious boy I’d ever laid eyes on. 

Copyright © Monia Kurtz | Year Posted 2019

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Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and Daughters

Life forces us to grow up
Hardship makes us want more
Hard communication toughens souls
Mistakes are made no matter what

Mothers Love fondly
Daughters Love fonder
Both eyes at one time wondered
Anger sometimes hungered...


Painful memories made childhood real
Mother's Love made those pains heal
Time made a girl grow up
A Mother influenced a career choice

Step one of a career was accomplished
Thanks to letters from a Mother
Reuniting brought comfort
Tears flowed from a Daughter 

A Daughter had wished she'd listened
Cause now things are different 
She's far from a mother
And misses her through distance 

A Mother raised a daughter well
A Trial and Tribulation hell
Unforgettable wounds are healed
By unforgettable forgivable minds 

Daughter's tears are dried 
By Mother's who've also cried
A heart is at ease
Unconditional Love has been achieved. 

Dedication to A Mother. 
Every Day is Mothers Day.
Happy Mother's Day.
I Love You Mom. 

Copyright © Monia Kurtz | Year Posted 2019

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The Loneliest Living Thing

I have been at a crossroad for years
Struggling past a multitude of fears
And as weary as I might get
I still can’t say without fret
That I am the loneliest living thing.

Flowers wither and die
But before then they live a melancholy life
They crumble underneath tiny little feet
Bees steal their nectar for something good to eat

So, if I were to profess
That I was the loneliest living thing
Flowers would gladly confess 
That I lie about nearly everything

Copyright © Monia Kurtz | Year Posted 2019

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To The Love I Think I Lost

Very often
I think of you
Feelings arrive 
of me missing you
I smell
Your scent in the air
It almost
Knocks me down
I feel
As though
I am suffocating 
When I’m near
Your breath
And if I were
A flower
I fear
I would not
Under your care
This seems so unfair
But to the girl
Whose eyes sparkle 
And smile glistens in the dark
To the Love I think I lost
Forgive Us
For the things
 we will never say
To each other’s 
Out of sheer 
all the negative days
Don’t waste
Memory space
Fill those openings
With the moments
Our eyes
Were full
Tears of Joy
Remember the Laughter 
Shared between us
On hot sunny days
And never dismiss 
The moments 
we laid in bed
Sharing our bodies
Imposing gratefully
On each other’s space
Hold on 
to that last kiss
Whisper my name
Every time it appears
In your mind
Maybe I will think 
Of you
And soon
My heart won’t beat 
As fast
so much.

Copyright © Monia Kurtz | Year Posted 2019

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Speak To Me

The way you speak to me
Is the way I allow
But that is over now
The front is over
I’ve played that part out

The way you speak to me
Is refreshing yet cold
Do you see that I’m getting off this road
I’ve been putting myself down
But my energies are refocused now

I don’t have pride
Or self worth
Or the esteem
To let others crush my dreams

The way you speak to me
I think I may drown
In Love Or Lust

I’ll put a bullet in this soul
For You

Change is coming soon
My playbook has new rules
Full of self worth
And self esteem

I reaffirmed
I acknowledged
I learned
That the way I speak to me
Is all the words I need to know.

Copyright © Monia Kurtz | Year Posted 2019

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A Childs Laughter

For Ameer

A boy’s laughter 
Rolled off his tongue
And created butterflies 
Within my soul

I imagined his little feet 
Running bare across 
The plush carpet
His toes gripping the threads

A boy’s laughter
Sent a shock through my spine tonight
His chuckle a glorious sound wave

Crashing against the shore 
Pummeling toward my heart
With his innocence
With his laughter that he can’t stop

A Child’s Laughter
Saved my Soul

Copyright © Monia Kurtz | Year Posted 2019

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Something Bad Happened Today

Something bad happened today. 

Emotions destroyed like hurricanes 
Words drowned and created tears 
Ears heard and hands covered them 
To rid some of these horrid pains 

Drunken breaths were slurring words 
Cries took place in the bathroom 
Souls didn't want to let go 
Instinctively I flew with the birds 


Something bad happened today 

A mother's love was lessened 
Broken hearts had numbed a family 
Minds no longer burst with energy 
Something in hearts was embedded 

Untouchable eyes saw Touchable breast 
Careers were at risk 
Innocence committed suicide 
It was not feasible to rest 

Memories were made to taunt 
Brains held too much 
Oxygen no longer produced breaths 
Eyes closed producing visions that haunt 

Stomachs sank 
Fear not once trembled 
Things were unbelievable 
Mouths drank 

Something bad happened today

Copyright © Monia Kurtz | Year Posted 2019

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She is unique

It’s her eyes
And though I know it’s just a painting
They speak to me
She’s alive.

It’s her hair
That immaculate orange-red coloring
It’s unnatural
The mark of her unique
Refining all that is pure

It’s her lips
Though which lack expression
are so full and feminine
Soft and detailed
Viable — Die-able Lips

She is unique.

For the display of colored scar marks from her artists’ brush
Disintegrating the flesh on her flawless face
She’s worlds apart.

Wandering through dimensions
Reaching souls through oils and acrylics
All forms of dimension defied
For a goddess whose eyes scream
We are not all alive

The pain and terror in her glossy stare 
signals my tear ducts to swell
And the orange in the flames of her hair
Sparkle distractedly at a glare

She trans-illuminates through my soul

The longing for her
I want to let go
For I’m unaware of what it holds
Is this true
Or is the meaning behind this
less minuscule.

Her reflection transfixed to my heart
And in the deepest crevices of paint

My soul unfolds the things
She cannot say
My eyes cry the tears
She cannot make
My mouth smiles in the way that hers doesn’t form

I as the spectator impose on all her secrets, colors, impurities.

She is unique.

Copyright © Monia Kurtz | Year Posted 2019

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A Piece of Art

Her words fuel my intoxicated brain
Like she already knew that I had a thing for words
And though I haven’t heard her angelic voice speak
I know it’s entrancing

Her essence is arousing
Stimulating my mind and body
Oh, my body
How I fiend for not just someone to hold it
But for it to be her

In this little time and space...

I have designated her with the niche of being my muse

Copyright © Monia Kurtz | Year Posted 2019