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To my friend

You say you don't like him
But I already know
You like him much more than you're willing to show
I was there when you liked that baseball guy
But you got too close so you said goodbye 
And I was there when you liked that unstable eighth grader but then he got drunk and said see you later
What about the boy with the big brown eyes who came by my house then disappeared but why?
There was that one guy with bleach blonde hair 
And after him I was still there
But now you have found someone much more unique
Someone who I can't really critique
I feel as if you'll be ok 
Despite the facts that you repeatedly say
I know he likes you 
And he lets you know
So now is the time to let your emotions show
I know you're ok with this older guy 
Because it's with him that you're never really shy 
It's ok if I leave you
You must understand 
That I am leaving you in the palms of his loving hands
And if it doesn't work out that's ok too
Because don't worry I will come back for you 
And I will listen to you rant as you did me 
And comfort you while you cry as I did about he 
I will offer to drown out your sorrows with drinks 
And if you don't want to we can just sit and think
We can talk about how better days will come
About the shining moon and the bright glorious sun
We can talk about art and the meaning of love 
Or about something small like when you lost your glove
We can talk about big things like a reason to live 
Or thoughtful gifts that we want to give 
But I'm not gonna jump ahead too far into the next
Because the time is now and I see how you text 
I know how you talk and you told me how you kiss and it seems to me that he would jump any abyss to meet you at the other side 
So it's time for you to take the ride 
You say you don't like him 
But I already know
You like him much more than you're willing to show

Copyright © Hannah Munnelly | Year Posted 2019