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Athwart Without Surcease

Athwart Without Surcease — Edzel

Erelong the sphere was contrived,
intrinsically safe with His arms.
Born— soon derived,
and molded from His heart so warm.

Fain to live,
hight to be a no man in an island.
Sith ere He do forgive,
our sins be reprimand.

Teened with so many misdeed,
but He do acquit;
our men of courage didn't hid—
and but those hopeless did quit.

Meseems we're helpless,
souls are senseless;
Those who're lifeless,
can't be pulled out of darkness.


The sleek fur of thy skull,
reamed out by duress.
Their zeal hastn't gone dull,
annihilation is devoutness.

Enow with termination,
ere the lands we owe—
lief be covered with wanion,
and eftsoons happiness alow.


We grasped to fight,
ifsoever dictatorship swith enacted.
Humanity assimilates the light,
cast back not to be affrighted.

Assayed to be free,
thole is to be liberate.
We strife to flee,
‘tis to hearken the accouchement altercate.

The Livewright wanted us to fight aught,
may it be billows.
The end is nigh— we fought,
for we to bide tranquil in meadows.

Alas! Alack!

Beshrewed eftsoons,
ether evanescent.
Thy lay distuned,
and eyne dyed with torment.

Fooled ye’ll,
ill luck usward.
Certes— it rang, the dying bell,
avaunt, avaunt; froward.


O’, living souls,
thou art the light—
Howbeit; the world was darkened by ghouls,
apparatuses caused blight.

Fatality somewither,
hypermedia is the root;
“We’d not be here forever,
but so my life could reboot.”

Copyright © Edzel Frince | Year Posted 2019