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This seething rage consumes me,
Flows through my veins like poison
Controlling my emotions and body with no mercy
Leaving me helpless and feeble in my soul

Is this loathing one that makes me powerful?
Or one that endangers the ones I love?
For this is the real question
I wish to ask to the heavens above

Dear lord, what is this envy and rage
Which inspires me to do the unthinkable?
Damage, create, neglect and hate;
A toxic but indescribable feeling

The fire I have enkindled burns red before my eyes,
With a greater fury than I have yet fostered
My voice aches with the desire to insult with spite,
Yet my mind seems to turn away

This rage haunts me every second of the day
When will this chaos end?
Violence and war follow in its footsteps
But my unwavering anger does not bend.

Copyright © GIANNA ARABELLA | Year Posted 2019

Details | Gianna Arabella Poem

Sands of Time

The sands of time wear away
Like the grains of gold slowly trickling down
Falling from the heavens, or so it seems

The sands of time are neither good nor evil
For they are merely fair and just
Never swaying or bending to our commands

The sands of time continue to trickle, one by one
Like how our days on this earth are numbered
And soon the time will come,

That the sands of time will finally cease to fall
And all that is left is
The pile of golden grains, the remnants of

Our memories.
Our mistakes.
Our love.

Copyright © GIANNA ARABELLA | Year Posted 2019