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The Pearl that is you

Love me so I may love you more
Adore us so I may hold your soul
Chorus enters with rhythm in chord  
Lord help us for it’s in our core

Rewarding is the oceans in your eyes
That shine deep beneath the tides
Diving deep for the pearl that hides
Holding breath for as long as I find
The pearl I seek within your eyes 
Your minds divine inspirited rhyme

Time and time have I failed to rhyme
My love with mind and theirs combined
It never fit
Their script couldn’t remit
Aimed and spit at all of my wit
Whipped and snipped at my candles lit wick
Almost snuffed my flames innocence 

But then there was you
There was always you
And I always knew 
But thought the opportunity blew
Passed by like when you drove by in that car with another guy
But you were just writing to your own surprise :)
Years pass by
Fears crashed with lies
Beating bruised with knives
Mentally strangled with ties
Similar story with similar lives 
Finally connect our lives in rhyme
Kindly kiss your delicate mind
Tiny drips of tiny cries 
My soul feels your times in crime
Essence presence lines define
Our hearts string an unbreakable vine
For us to reach, grab and lift
Both of us with our amazing gifts
To express and feel more of what’s real
To heal and believe in what we can see
So let it be so I may seek
That pearl deep within your sea

Copyright © Michael Mifflin | Year Posted 2019

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Pull the Trigger

My mind changes like the weather 
Whether I have clouds or sunshine
I never feel allowed to invest ones mind
I better see how I can slow down time
Hyperbolic time chamber in my design
Subliminal messages that’ll nullify 

Sub minimal impressions 
Lessons too precious to mention 
Full Nelson’s braking intensions 
Time to show off my new invention

Close your eyes tight.
There’s no need to fight. 
Fright will take a hold of you when the fear starts to follow too.
Flight will send you to the moon but no one is coming after you.
No one is gonna have a clue. Don’t believe me. I’ll follow you. 
Creep behind and set the mood. You can’t see me but I can see you.
Imma about to lure your soul. 
Compress it down into sacked coal and launch into a black hole. Claustrophobic yet? 
Spaghettifacation as the walls start closing in.
Locks are frozen in. Coffin closes lid.
You really think this is how it ends.
If so. You got a few things to comprehend. 
I can collapse this rabbit hole on your head.
Fold in on it self, origami made of lead.
Oh you think you got me. I’m a head of you.
Talking dead with a deranged sense of view too
Aww look what I’ve done. You think you know me.
I’ll let you hold my gun.
Point it directly at my cranium.
Pull the trigger!
Now wasn’t that fun.
Blood brain spillage drip all over the rug.
Looks like Skull dipped in spinach dip mixed with crushed bugs. 
“What the hell man what is this place? Look at your damn mug!”
Land of the damned, now allow me to bury your face. Make your lungs fill up with mud.
Stop struggling it will be over in a moment. 
Just take in a deep breath and make sure you own it.

Copyright © Michael Mifflin | Year Posted 2019

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Hell, Lets Talk

Hell, let’s talk.

Heres my mind outlined in chalk/
Hold it tight so it won’t take off/
Holding you down with each of my thoughts/
Folding you over with 40 ton locks

wondering why we’re all loosing it/
All because we’re always  abusing it/
But I wear enough of my nightmares/
You compare then confuse it/

Hidden within the naked/
I swear I can feel all the hatred/
But I know Youre Looking into yourself wondering why/ How come What if
why this Why me Please leave/
All I feel is this disease/
leave me be from your all your chemistry/ 
My mind can’t handle this misery endlessly/The time is fragile so I’m going at this  viciously/ This rhyme  is agile so y’all learn what needs to be/ 
Time to deliberately/
deliver liberty/
liberate , this mental state/
we all seem to always hate/
We all need to proliferate
For some of us / it’s a little too late/

See all the fun our minds are all in/
Where the hell do I even begin/
the madness we feel is all too real
Y’all too scared to even feel/
All too scared to giving in/
Y’all need to start to comprehend
the struggle is real/for that kid you peeled/
He’s defeated in fear/So close to ending in tears And you just sealed the deal/
God damn prick/
I gotta short wick when it comes to this type of/
How the hell can you inhale like you prevailed/ 
Not knowing that kid you nailed is taking his last exhale. 

Don’t get me wrong we all suffer from the price we paid/
to endure and muster this life me made/
Cuz each and everyone of us is just as insane/
So let’s keep all of our people in this game/ Instead of locked out and maimed by their own thoughts and brains/
Like Freight trains on a one way lane/
on a collision course with 8 planes/ with hate grenades/
Ready to Detonate with just blame/ 
and no such aim/
Just on themselves/
Ringing any bells yet
all we do is hear it/
All we do is feel it/
I fear for you to breathe it/

So you really wanna talk/ 
Let’s go for a walk/
Show you the bodies outlined in chalk/
Seeing Slit wrists  like faucets/  
pooling sinks and it’s toxic/
Kids hung in their closets/
Cuz they thought they ing lost it/
Placed a deposit in their trust fund/
now staring at a loaded gun/
Funnelled fumes locked in a steal box/
with their favourite tunes and Lethal cough/
Blank stare/ clocks are locked/
your not coming back from that wretched thought!/
Your Not coming out of that body box/
Go ahead rest it on the tongue/ Test those Toxic lozenges/ while it holds your soul hostage/

Copyright © Michael Mifflin | Year Posted 2019

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I am endless

Watch me become a believer in what lies beneath this evil/
Give it all up to feed this ethereal fever/
Make it thrive so I can deliver 
righteous anger towards the worlds behaviour/
Make it mine so I control the time, good luck with your lifeless saviours/

I’m slowly waking up from beneath the ashes/
Rising to my feet so I can defeat the masses/
Angered flames lick while I cast this/ spirit intertwined saliva combined with lethal gasses. 

This is Chemical warfare with mental derailment/
Reached pinnacle lore /prepare to be nailed with my arrangement/
Of cursed verses developed over hurt words and misplaced notions/
No need for lotion, I’ll dry luck the world and flood these oceans.  

I Destined these lessons with all
My intensions/
Confessing is the best thing, when you’re  messing with a calibrated Menace / amalgamated and intense/ 
Investing in my essence, hence 
Possessing in my presence/
This is the equivalence to my 
Benevolence fusing with malevolence/
The inelegance is so venomous/
My intelligence is direct evidence/
That my essence is nothing but endless!

This isnt a mental illness we’re all living in/
This is a mental willingness that’s beginning to win/
Righteous Villainy isn’t so villainous as ignorance on the innocence / hippocratic bigotry/ What did you think you’d see /
Systematic bull hit bursting at the seams/
Whack plastic fallacies / diplomatically casted / latched and mentally seized.

Copyright © Michael Mifflin | Year Posted 2019

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Mad Maxxx

Wanna know why my verbs hurt, 
I’ve held them in for so long they became cursed words.
The worst of the worst, it hurts ‘cause they’re nursed,
Cradled then derailed into a million who were impaled by my brute thirst. 

This crude verse has nothing on my rude inserts,  
Earth is first then The Milky Way will turn gay for Andromeda, both implode like Hiroshima going off in urethra!
Massive implosions. 

Mad Max applying the lotion, no words just nerves, vibes like the ocean,
I’m sea sick you little prick no bull while I hit, 
These new lows, meaning I’m digging deeper, 
Found these new foes so I become the reaper, 
Yank their souls and began to cleaver,
Blood splatter and all, I think I got a Fever? 
Neither of us has the guts to clean this mess either, 
‘cause this disability is killing me with shear fear that cuts the Achilles’ heel softly.

The difference between you and us. Honestly?
We have rhymes the world has never seen n it’s costly. 
Paid the toll to have my mind dipped n boiled, chromed and oiled with the heat,
Now it’s slick and ready to gain loyalty. Lose royalty. I wanna bring Society to its knees, suck my dick ‘til I reach sobriety. 

Is that too much from me, this is the stuff I think about constantly, while I’m falling asleep. 
It’s a lullaby for me.
Don’t say a peep or I’ll come after you like the boogeyman’s need to feed. 
I’ll take my poll and shove it up your ass with glee,
Count Dracula token a bong with a dick eleven meters long made of glass ya’ see.

Plan on going up against me, better take off that bag of flesh, 
No discriminating here, but better have a crematorium proof vest to protect you from fear. 

Copyright © Michael Mifflin | Year Posted 2019

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Wretched thrives going at rapid speeds
Spreading lines like ill manic seeds
Fanatic flowers attacking whack salad weeds 
Hoeing each line with a cocaine breeze 

I sneeze and tease these cursive lines with ease
Herbs dipped in asinine with the blue cheese
Cheddar mixed with ketamine, fed my epiphany if any. 
Thoughts ready to go steady. Aim fire bang goes the confetti.

Copyright © Michael Mifflin | Year Posted 2019

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All for you

Here is my mind, it’s hard to define
Here is my heart, it’s fallen apart 
Here is my time, it’s all for your rhyme
Here is my love, cherished from above 

Where have you been in my entire journey 
The woman who brought me higher with learning 
I’ve hooded the cost of liars with burning
I could of lost my thoughts in fire, it was concerning
You taught me so much In so little time
I can only wish you will stay and be mine
I can be yours forever adored 
I love the way you make me want more
Even from the day we met
That beautiful smile 
She’s my kismet 
But those are my thoughts 
My thoughts are my own
I’d like to share the cost 
The cost of a home 
A home to call home 
A place in our minds 
Where we feel safe from the worlds demise 
Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to move in 
But I’d like to see us move in sequence within
Together the better 
In any kinds of weather 
I’d travel through hell to hold you forever 
I'd walk through the fires and hold you up higher 
I’d burn for you 
Tear at my soul
Let the demons tear flesh from the bone 
As long as you make it safe and sound
I completed my mission, I have what I found
Just to show you what I have to envision
With all my heart you are what I’m wishing

Here is my mind, it’s hard to define. 
Here is my heart, it’s fallen apart. 
Here is my time, it’s all for your rhyme. 
Here is my love, cherished from above. 

Copyright © Michael Mifflin | Year Posted 2019

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I’m going to make you feel my pain,
I’m sewing hate,spool of misplaced thread,
Stitch my view, mistakes fed,
Wish I knew how to heal my head. 
In my lane, going insane, never thought my thoughts would cane my brain. 

Whiplashed, my mind splashed back 
Only to attack my own body sake
Lonely In fact, my mind commits then redacts, admits then retracts , misfit in weighted slacks. Hissy fit in a trapped contradicted map. 

Laid out to waste, can’t even come to trace, these steps that revolve around a torn state,
I was born in late, docs made a mistake,
Now I want to drop a bomb and level this whole place. 
But not literally just in case the idiocy is too timid to see the truth in my taste.

Copyright © Michael Mifflin | Year Posted 2019

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She Told Me

She told me she’s dying, 
But wants to see other people,
Tells me she wants me to be happier,
But stabs me even deeper. 
Devastated is to weak of a word,
Theirs no words to describe, 
How the hell can you throw eight years away, 
All this bull was a lie! 

If any one of you think you can spend one second in my mind. 
You wouldn’t last one moment ‘cause death would coincide.  
Too heavy are my thoughts, too angry are my hands,  
Deliver me to evil, ‘cause I can no longer give a damn. 

But I’ll still bite my tongue,
Hold my feelings in tight,
Cut off the circulation until it feels alright. 
Blow a little steam,
Vent some hot air, 
Write a little rhyme to release this nightmare. 

Cancer is so ugly, look what it has done. 
Took my wife’s life, she’ll never be the one.
I’m not the same person she said, I’m dying and falling apart.
All I want is for you to be happy while I drive this knife in your heart. 

Copyright © Michael Mifflin | Year Posted 2019

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Im Never Good Enough

I’m the one always wanting 
Never the one being wanted
I’m the one only haunting 
Never being the one haunted 
I’m the one always stalking 
Never the one being stalked. 
Good thing my clocks are locked
Enough of the tic and the toc

Copyright © Michael Mifflin | Year Posted 2019