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The Ropes

I'm a beautiful mess in a dress or some sweats
I confess life is hectic right now and I'm stressed
Wont forget that I'm blessed but it's hard to remember. When I'm stayin at the shelter
With my son and these mice must think they family members
It get cold here at night it ain't even December
Yea I cry but I'll cry while I fight,  won't surrender
But my muscles feel tender. 
If Its not my kid on my shoulders,  it's a Boulder getting bolder 
Getting harder to hold,  but I ain't gon fold
The world say give up I don't do what I'm told
And I'll do it alone, because I'm grown n I ain't gon lie bout my struggles I own it
The easy way,  I don't condone it
The fakes,  and snakes,  I don't condone it
God don't like ugly,  you'll reap what you're sewin
Just a lil dust on me but under I'm glowing and I'm still growin,  
Gon get my baby a home he can grow in
You think u gangsta,  I'll show you gangsta
Gangsta is not bout that tool that u borrowed
Gangsta is smilin at today's pain in hopes of tomorrow
When you break the family cycles,  give em something ya Old heads cud follow 
Like  taboo this is truth you gon' swallow. 
As long as my son happy,  I won the lotto
As long as little E is happy,  I won the lotto. 
Im not hopeless I'm focused
The weak gon' scavenge like some roaches
The strong gon' find another approach n
I wrote this song while I was homeless
I wrote this song to help me cope and
Hands welted up from hanging on these ropes. 
Yeah I'm bleedin now, got me slippin out
But don't you dare reach out,  and try and help me down
I got this high some how, and I can't let go. 
As I look down I see the work I've completed
I Look up n see,  my goals undefeated
I'm out here I'm huntin there's pain in my feet
I'm heaving I'm feenin,  my sons gotta eat . 

Copyright © Leilani Fabian | Year Posted 2019