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Still Standing

From all the pain of yesterday
I stand tall and proud
For nothing left stands in my way

How long I breathed the air of sorrow
Drowning in the silence
No I look ahead for tomorrows

Many years passed waiting for my last hour
The world so dark around me
Oh childhood, your taste sour

But yet, I marched on through to adulthood
Through swamps and quick sand
Searching for life for good

Here I stand reminiscing of yesteryears
The thick and thin of adolescence
No more worry, no more tears

Copyright © Rachel Thomson | Year Posted 2019

Details | Rachel Thomson Poem

Standing tall

A little girl can stand so tall 
Stand to play with her favourite ball 
The laughs and jeers of passers by 
As she stings like a bee, floats like a butterfly 

Darling, don’t you think you’re out your depth? 
This fixation of yours, it makes no sense 
The other girls are playing with dolls 
But you insist on kicking balls? 

Still she grinds, she works, she kicks 
Degrading comments in the mix 
Dragging her down with “You’ll never be paid” 
“You’ll never have audience watching your stage” 

Nevertheless, she’s alive and kicking 
Soon it wont just be boys their picking 
To lead the teams, inspire nations 
She’s one of millions, laying foundations 

In France she leads her country with pride 
So the next little girl doesn’t have to hide 
So a little girl can stand so tall 
Stand to play with her favourite ball 


Standing Tall, 
16/6/19, 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Poetry Contest

Copyright © Rachel Thomson | Year Posted 2019