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absence of control

Oh Drugs,
it's been lovely
it's been lonely
it's been a ride 

but i'll never get better
with you by my side 
I'll never get better 
I know cause I've tried

Oh Drugs 
It's  been emotional 
it's been tough 
and i'm tired
but it's never enough
you're my only desire 
it's never enough 
I need to get higher
it's never enough 
and your grip just gets tighter

Oh Drugs
i'm falling deep 
I over think 
i'm sinking low

Oh Drugs,
i'm falling fast 
in frozen time 
and dying slow

Oh Drugs, 
I have succumbed 
for you I'm weak
I love you so

suffering in silence 
eyes without a soul

Oh Drugs, 
It's been comforting 
in un-comforting ways
but till death do us part
asphyxiating in your haze 
you took all that I've got 
and you numbered my days
it's no longer any fun 
I need your poison in my veins

Oh Drugs
how we dance 
with the death so divine 
your empty cold nothing 
sends shivers down my spine
in your poisonous web 
I have become intertwined 
I'm just  living to exist 
and existing just to die

Copyright © BAMBI LAROUX | Year Posted 2019

Details | Bambi Laroux Poem

Love Lust and a Broken Heart

Love Lust and 
a broken heart

Robot feelings
and missing parts

rotten insides 
and bloodstained art

we stand together but
we're worlds apart

Divided by the sun and moon
high on sadness 
lost in gloom
toxic energy immune
baby growing in a poisoned womb
we play each other like a hollow tune
and feed on emptiness 
with a silver spoon 
hopes and dreams destroyed too soon

sticking needles in our arms
blood dances in the liquid harm
we shoot it up don't be alarmed
it's our secret lucky charm

succumb to pain
get lost within
to feel the numbness as we sin
broken auto-pilot grins
saliva dripping off our chins
fatal attraction to heroin
the highest low we've ever been 
enslaved to the lifelong binge 
a kiss from Jesus in a syringe

Love Lust and 
a broken heart

robot feelings 
with missing parts

an empty six
and dirty sheets
is where our twisted lust love creeps
we  and fight
and lie and cheat
like a broken record on repeat
your love lust pain i can't release
drowning in confusion deep

blood dust and exhausted thoughts
forgotten nobodies left to rot
wasted days and washed out nights 
the darkness overrides the light
he shoots the black
i shoot the white
perceptions twisted
blinded sight 
but whose to say what's wrong or right ?

love lust and 
a broken heart

robot feelings 
missing parts

Copyright © BAMBI LAROUX | Year Posted 2019

Details | Bambi Laroux Poem

girl bites dog GOD bites girl

you smash all my porcelain
but feel guilty
when it's staring back at you
a thousand times in a thousand little pieces

you rip me at the seams 
but deny me a needle and thread 
out of the fear of being poked

you ram your fist into my core
but  your fire builds when 
my gut Is hollow

we are all GODS children 
but he's left us in this 93 Honda Civic 
with the windows rolled up
and the doors locked 

Copyright © BAMBI LAROUX | Year Posted 2019