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What is life that we must be mindful of?
The moment of light and darkness is revealed as Day and Night
The break of Day brightens Our hearts.
We are held up high for the soon Approaching Darkness.
The very moment where the face of a loved one is hidden.

Our fears have gone far into the ocean of thought.
Our faith still hears the heart beat echoing in the dark room.
Seasons and times fade away with the smile
Making our vision limited to the present human understanding
What can we say when the moment is uncertain?

Life in its helmet needs protection.
The warmth and cordiality that exist between his brothers reveals life without end.
We are together, Just but a moment.
The moment where it seems you can, you must.
The delay and procrastination of our time is a tool of no return and therefore must be avoided
I live not because I can but because of the brother I have

The very moment of our existence can be segregated by the cruelty of similar beings.
What is life that we must be mindful of?
The imaginary clock tick-tock.
What should be done needs to be done
The moment unveils a precious soul to be saved
Do it as it is time because our existence is *Just But a Moment*.

*By: Matthew Deladem Ahafianyo*

Copyright © MATTHEW DELADEM | Year Posted 2019

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With deep breathe ponder I on; marriage and the veil
An institution “trademarked” for ages
And placed miraculous premium on its product;
“Two will become one”

Through the corridor of the institution I walk
Wondering, what behind the veil lies
Could it be ……….
Some things wait for the appointed time?

Anxiety fights for the knowledge
that marriage veil holds
That draws and drowns the multitude and indescribable creatures alike;
Was it a unified thinking capacity?
An ocean of thoughts lighten up a dark room
What a bright day!!!
For behind the marriage veil lies a divine glare of your persona

The character behind the veil speaks volumes
of a nation to be birthed.
The raising of the veil stirs a mixed feeling;
For it is, for better, for worse.
The radiant light of Holiness
Caused a fall in the veil
Could it be love at first sight with its uncertainty?

The uplifting of the veil to discover
Its true identity is what we know as “Second Chance”
In the midst of what to be unravelled behind the veil
Is what we call a woman.
Word of Mouth Assesses Nature. *WOMAN*

Written by: Matthew Deladem Ahafianyo

Copyright © MATTHEW DELADEM | Year Posted 2019

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Ages are Decreasing, Graves are Increasing
We are entrapped in a movable cell
It is a new dawn but has become a new set trap
The movable cell seems more powerful than the movable being
Our lives have been pirated but we pretend it’s a lifeboat

I have been a victim of the cell, engrossed in its activities
Only a few escape the damaging effect of the cell for they remember they built it not the reverse
We become invisible, yet we are physical beings
Jeopardizing the beautiful relationships nature has given us.
We become enemies of our own, that the blood of innocent souls cries on our hands

Ages are Decreasing, Graves are Increasing
The invisible creatures drain the life out of our time, leaving us lifeless and hopeless in our cell
Sleeping on the air, swimming in the sand and frying chicken in the fridge are unending attributes that echo through the cell
Hmmmm! Life is best lived with the cell phone but not as mini gods with ravaging effects
We must be protective and save lives not screen protectors of our cell phones.

Thank you.

Copyright © MATTHEW DELADEM | Year Posted 2019

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Beauty Betrays

When the sight is real, the being is real
 In the midst of all, what a beauty to behold
A combination of qualities that compel unending gaze
It defines the pleasure of the senses

Safes and codes have been broken by the enchantress
The system coordinates have seen the light of day
We glitter, we smile and we pursue
It is said, it is worth pursuing, therefore we pursue

A narrow road we have never tread upon
As beauty leads we trust in the formation played
The artistry of this beauty is magnificent
How do we conquer the feelings that push us?
We are in a realm that is so real

Morning and noon is here, we are filled with confidence
We are struck to the bone by beauty
Darkness is soon approaching, how can beauty be tested in the dark?
Here in the dark, we realized it was robbery
Character is a friend of beauty.
Beauty Betrays.

Written By: Matthew Deladem

Copyright © MATTHEW DELADEM | Year Posted 2019