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I am a girl

I am a girl 
I am young and vibrant
Strong and fearless
Black and beautiful
I am neither a wife nor a mother 
I am a girl
Knowing my rights will help me carry out my responsibiities
Why deprive me of them?
I have a voice, a clean and loud one, allow me to speak
Its hurt everyday I weep
Where is my freedom of speech?

I can do what my brothers can, and even do more and better
Why the gender barrier ?
My back; my bag
Babies? Not this time
I am a girl
Give me a pen and paper and see me write my story
I want to be encourage  to go to school 
I have heard about fornication, early marriage is a total frustration
I have many things to say as a give but I want to end by telling you all that I am a girl and deserve a safe space in society

Copyright © Michael Nichol Kamara | Year Posted 2019

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My Growing Up

Title: My growing up (episode one)

I was born to a native parents 
I guess my mum was a woman of substance
Papa is so good 
I can't write too much about myself at the ages before I turned ten
I can still remember my great-grand-mother playing a double role 
She was my mama and also my papa
We lived in two stairs board house in a small village
The ground floor have one room,a kitchen, two verandas.
I can't still remember the store(stair case) at the right side of the ground floor 
I used to hang over the store window to look at what was happening to my neighbors
The top floor have one big space we used to call 'PALA'
There were about twelve twisted and damaged steps from the ground floor to the top floor
I enjoyed running up and down the stairs as a little stubborn boy
Uncle Muctarru was gallant and will beat any man that crossed his path 
He was fun of dogs 
He used to keep dogs as pet 
We had over ten dogs, making us the family with the highest number of dogs in the village
I can still remember when uncle used to order his dogs to do things like humans
Young Michael was stubborn 
He will keep granny shouting his name all day long
I grew up with the mentality of girls being the one to stay home while boys go out to play
My sister was always at home doing all the odds while I spend half of my days in friends verandas playing 'Stopper' or spend my time in the beach or bush setting traps for birds 
Granny latie will shout my name all day long
Due to me being premature while in the village, let me take you through half way of my school days
The name of my school is:
Rural Educational Community School 
I started my primary education there till class five 
I wasn't too bright in class but will always make it to the next level
I can still remember when I was asked to repeat a class due to my bad hand writing.............

Copyright © Michael Nichol Kamara | Year Posted 2019

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Sometimes in Sierra Leone

End the grief and pain
End the tears and shame
We did suffered in the hands of the rebels so we forght for peace to reign
Our future was locked up by them
Our steps were measured like witches
The killings and destructions were too much,so I walk through this memory lane
Hands in hands amonyously yet we face our greatest agony
I paused to look at the pictures on the wall,I saw mass destructions of the war and the impacts it created
Faces were painted with blood,we pray everyday and cry to the one above.
House burnt to the floor.
Our soldies fought and did their best now we call them fallen heroes
They burnt down our hospitals and we were left with zero
Pregnant women were slaughtered to know their babies gender
Teenage girls were raped,used and misused.
Schools were attacked and pupils were killed.
Teachers were used to carry out operations against their will.
Though I was young but the pictures on the wall can tell that my 
people were used and misused.
Young children were trained and used as child rebels.
I learned that part of my village was a battle field,as empty shell of bullets I see
We cried for freedom and the previledge to be free
Tears overflow whenever I think about my country’s darkest memories
Pains within is what I feel,when I think about my country’s miseries
Hands in hands in harmony, we all fought and finally free.
It all lasted for eleven years as I take a look at all calenders.
Wise up Sierra Leoneans
Learn from your past

Copyright © Michael Nichol Kamara | Year Posted 2019

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At the crossroad

At the crossroad  
Where I cried and rise to stardom 
Unchained from within 
And sing a song of freedom 
There my seed would be, shouting "Father well done" !

At the crossroad
Where the scriptures were misinterpreted 
And puzzle rearranged 
There my people would  be,  dancing on their veiny drips 

 At the  crossroad 
Where the throat of the pen would not  be stuck 
and chest not tight 
It teeth will be given it greatest  bite 
At the cross road 
Where the pen will  drip  venomous ink 
and cast silence  to it earliest dark 
There we would be, celebrating success
 like yesterday's event 

At the crossroad 
Where my demise will be displayed 
And wounds scraped open, 
Where the titles of my pieces will be swept under the mud
There I would be, with a soured heart 
repainting my darker past


Copyright © Michael Nichol Kamara | Year Posted 2022

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When the bell rings

When the bell rings 
My body would be lying lifeless awaiting to be taken to the mortuary
People far and near would come
My Facebook friends that used to ignore my messages would be posting my picture with crying emoji's and rest in peace hash tags 

When the bell rings
 Family members and friends would be crying to see me smile again
Everybody would be talking about my time on earth
They would be talking about my services to humanity and how good or bad I was 

When the bell rings 
My mentees would be mentors to others
They will write sad poems about me 
They will teach others with the teachings they got from me 

When the bell rings
Everybody would be confused and asking different questions
Is he not the poet that writes for everyone to understand?
Is he not the guy that was called Pakamra?
Is he not the CEO of Project Africa Movement?
Is he not the man that was here just now?
What happened?
Was he sick?

When the bell rings
The people that wasn’t on my side would pretend to be staunch
Haters would be sympathizers
Friends would be crying in different corners

When the bell rings 
No one would save me 
No one would go with me
No one bring me back to life
My body would be lying lifeless 


Copyright © Michael Nichol Kamara | Year Posted 2019

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My People

The night is bold, so as the actions of my people.
The stars are bright, so as the future of my people.
The storms sometimes are harsh, so as the actions of my people towards wrong doings.
As the curiosity of their future mounts, so the segregation of the people they mingle with mount.
Fearless also is the African elephant.
Fearless is the mind of my people.

Copyright © Michael Nichol Kamara | Year Posted 2019

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Written by Michael Nichol Kamara
Title #'Salonfos'
My names are Maada Samura Wilson Bio
I was born in a small country in the sub Sahara Africa
I have been doing and I will continue to do good deeds for Sierra Leone
It started small and ended huge
Politics is over
The dancing and jubilating continue
I will dance because I'm Uncle Bio
Dance with me Uncle Samura
We are one
You are All People's Congress
I'm Sierra Leone People's Party
What is the difference
We held the peace
We should hold it
It is a most to continue holding it
Hands in hands we can build this nation 
Togetherness we can bring Job creation
The desk is empty 
Bring forth your ideas
Look my back I'm your brother
I have got yours you are my brother
Thanks to #salone for the peace
Let the peace continue

Copyright © Michael Nichol Kamara | Year Posted 2019

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Promise Me

Stick  with  me through the thicks and thins 
Through  the obstacles that life brings 
Taking on this world by storm, should be you and me 

Promise me 
As ashes are blown directly into my eyes 
You wouldn't go off my sight 
As the weights of this world weigh me down 
 As sickness reduces my strength , you will always be mine 
If poverty may swept me off
And life lead me not 
Promise me you will always be around 

When I'm short of words to express my feelings for you 
Fill my mouth with your lips 
So after a deep kiss your heart will be filled with peace 
When I can't walk upright, promise, me you will be my walking stick 

When I get too busy to pick your calls 
I get too busy to reply yours messages
Promise me you will still feel the same for me

I'm not a saint and will never be
I'm not perfect and will never try to be 
I won't give heaven on earth 
When we tie the knot promise me we will never depart 

When we walk down the aisle 
Before God and man 
And take the eternal vow
Promise me you will always be there 
In sickness and in health 
to have and to hold 
from this day forward, 
for better, for worse, 
for richer, for poorer, 
in sickness and health,
 until death do us part


Copyright © Michael Nichol Kamara | Year Posted 2021

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I Was Alone

Written by Michael Nichol Kamara
Title: I Was Alone  

I felt the pain; it was like an arrow piercing my heart
I saw his face, I have never seen a man that big 
I was scared and wanted to shout but my voice was mute
My mind.........I started sweating hard 
He walked close to me and I tried to run but I was crippled
I begged him but he acted angry and wanting to do and go 
I tried to fight but I was blind, cripples and lazy

It was at that point that I.........

I felt the shame living in a community where youths engage themselves in activities that has nothing positive to give

I saw my people in different corners and junctions
I tried to talk to some but they deliberately rejected me
I call to my brothers for help but they refused to help

I saw my family members crying 
I asked why and there was none to answer
I felt bad about myself.
I asked for their forgiveness and none gave me attention

I reach out to cars but the drivers pretended not to see me
I reach out to the people that said they love me but they silently rejected me 
At that point I realized I was a lifeless soul

My face was flooded with tears
Tears of regrets
Tears of failing to do well
Tears of failing to worship God 
Tears of not being my brother’s keeper
Tears of not helping people 

I was alone
Abandoned by life
Abandoned by people
I was alone........

Oh no, I am going to be alone
All in my casket and in my grave 
Oh, I forgot someone is going to be with me 
I am not going to be alone 
My deeds are my staunch friends and they would be there with me and not behind any fence

Copyright © Michael Nichol Kamara | Year Posted 2019

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"What if" 

What if you wake up   and see R.I.P to my name 
My  fire burning in your soul
So angry at yourself for not  saying goodnight the night before the news blazed 
And for the grudges you hold 
As you stretch forth your hands to my portrait you know I'm with God in his throne  

In all your sufferings and pains I still tell you that you are blessed 
What If in our last conversation I asked for your forgiveness
Just to make amends 
When you and I know that I didn't hurt you if we take God as our witness

What if you call to confirm my death
 And hear my parent crying 
Grieving  in pain for my passing 
Would you be left in regret ?
 For the food I begged  for as I was starving to death 

What if you walk to my home and see my face on the poster with "Sun rise" and "Sun set" caption, and tears  from my eyes on the portrait  dripping 
And my brother say to you "He  journeyed to the land of no returning "

What if I kiss the grave before our next project?
Would you tell the world that I was a prospect?

Copyright © Michael Nichol Kamara | Year Posted 2021