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Silver Linings

Look for the silver lining in everything you see,
Not all things are as they seem to be.

Abuse lurks behind poverty, frowns, money, and smiles.
Nobody knows the hurt of another’s trials.

When you think your whole world has fallen apart,
You are not alone with your broken heart.

There is the silver lining, look out and see your future
If abuse teaches anything, it is about human nature

 No longer, be defined by hateful words of any woman or man
Let  abuse teach you strength, and that you won’t be over 'ran.' 

An abuser wants you to believe; you are nothing but a broken mess
Instead, decide about  your very own happiness

It won’t be easy, but enough courage you will find
To take a stand for your future, and leave the abuser behind 

If someone is assaulting your self-esteem
If they think  they are funny when they are mean

Not another five minutes should you stay!
It just doesn’t have to be that way

Do not allow cruelty at your own expense, 
A silver lining of loving yourself is your greatest defense. 

Copyright © Ada Beuchert | Year Posted 2019

Details | Ada Beuchert Poem

Daddys Lament

Write a Lament  is what they say So I’m going to tell you about the saddest day. 
It was summertime with parades in the heat, 
 Daddy was humming as he climbed in the driver seat. 
Mom said you shan’t  wear those old coveralls, 
Go change you funny man,  but daddy wasn’t one to stall
 Off they went  my daddy and my son, 
They had a parade to enter they were on the run. 
 In an old truck with four ponies aboard, 
The cart hitch on as that was all he could afford. 
 They took the ride into the city
Grandpa joked with the boy,  both rather smart and witty. 
A time  later I followed with the younger son, 
It promised to be a day of family and fun. 
Until I got close to the Destination, 
 I saw flashing lights And feel the weight of devastation.
 I knew that boy I knew that truck
 I jumped out and ran,  into an ambulance my head did duck
Yes, it was my daddy who had collapsed and gone down.  
While hitching  up with horses in this busy town. 
 I knew that he was gone as I took his hand. 
I heard the subs of a boy that now needed to be a man.  
“Son can you get this rig on home?” 
He was too young to do it alone. Nonetheless, his grandpa had taught him to be strong in the heat. 
Because that  day my son became a man as he climbed  grandpas driver seat.

Copyright © Ada Beuchert | Year Posted 2019