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5475, The Butterfly Effect

5475 (The Butterfly Effect)

Took away my sanity, 
amongst all your depravity-
Everyone told me she’s a new leaf on the tree now
do everything you can do to protect her, no matter how
They get it, they fed it 
Only telling me they’re listening
and I just need a christening  
The devil is too far in, sinking into my skin
How the f*** do I cleanse because I’m not making amends 
She made sinning a trend give a f*** who she offends
From one end to the other
Is this what happens when a girl has no father?
Born into the system, maybe also a victim.

Stay quiet, but don’t hide
At least then you could save your pride 
Depression, or confession?
Lying in the dirt with the important half of your clothes off 
“you like this, it’s ok”
was the day I was told I was dirty 

Now this is what you call a round two 
Except this was different, it involved you
a stranger can take away your precious soul and use for his own pleasure
To use beyond all measure
But the devil can take him for herself
and the soul, the man here stole 
“be quiet”
What a time to be alive 

Took away my sanity
Amongst all your depravity 
I’m the one in the wrong 
How dare it take so long
I look at you and I know the truth 
Behind those bright blue eyes, I known 
What lies there lie 
Demons are fine 
I see them all the time
Then there’s you, deceitful
You guessed it, my evil
The devil is in. 
Sunk in my skin.
And you let her in. 

Copyright © Sahira Suleyman | Year Posted 2019