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Sonnets of Life - I

I loved you more, I loved myself less
Causing sorrow, pain; no one comes before
Shalt thy ignore what is to be addressed?
Loving man above all, a labored chore.

Never able to shed the silk cocoon,
To unfold, spreading winged colors of life
Stifled in the fluid genesis womb
Formless, blank, emerged in darkness finite

Man’s serpent attacks and wrought woman’s mind
With false promises of love forever endured
Falling deep into a pit of unkind
Present man reversed the sweet apple lore.

Acknowledge love, a precious gift given
Remove man’s false cord, eyes towards heaven.

“Never make someone a priority when you are only an option for them.”
									Colin Powell

Copyright © Ruby Simmons | Year Posted 2019

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Sonnets of Life - II

 Eternity is a vast unknown hole
Traveled alone, confronting life, love, fears
Footsteps stamped imprinted in the earth’s soul
Walk the destined path with unguarded care.

Placing one step I front of another
Propelling life into the great unknown
Unsure if one should continue futher
Reaping the seeds of being that were sewn

Travel the journey wherever it takes
Seize pleasure of the joys, sorrows, and pain
For they are treasured memories made
From beginnings to demise, rapture gained.

What would life be if challenges ignored?
No peaceful rest secured, nothing explored.

“Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing still.”
							William Shakespeare

Copyright © Ruby Simmons | Year Posted 2019

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Sonnet of Life X

Sonnet of Life X

Who will occupy the empty dark graves?
The dugout rectangular holes await
No one is immune, no one can be saved
The course of destruction is written fate.

Murdering, pilfering – man against man
Have we forgotten to love our brother?
We cry as a whole nation, Yes we can!
Tears of color shed for one another.

Reach back, understand from whence we have come
Instill the pride of a people of Kings,
The battle of life is lost, our youth succumbed
Cry out brothers, sisters – Let Freedom Ring!

Wake up! A new day adorns the heavens,
A golden halo surrounds thy brethren.

Copyright © Ruby Simmons | Year Posted 2019

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Sonnet of Life IX

Sonnet oF Life IX
He who comes in first place is always last
He who is last is destined to be first
He who’s future is ordained, knows his past 
He who desires for drink, does not thirst

He who runs the race, forgot how to walk
He who breathes clean air, cannot be smothered
He who speaks without thought, forgets to talk
He who bears the load, shoulders his brother.

He who hears the birds sing, knows no silence
He who sees is not afraid of the dark
He who loves money, destroys his finance
He who labors and toils, enjoys hard work.

For the passion of man’s soul is set free
Therefore, he can become what is to be.

Copyright © Ruby Simmons | Year Posted 2019