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The Innocence

Come with me my friend,
as I take you through the day.
Where laughter echo’s,
for the entire world to hear. 

This is a place where chaos, 
hate and sins won’t be seen or heard.
Here in this day my friend,
is where we are free to think, and do as we will.
A day where rules don’t apply,
nor boundaries to exist.  

Remember this day well my friend,
for it will soon come to an end.
It will disappear behind the shadows,
to be locked away for good.
There will be no more games of chase.
No more imaginations roaming free, 
of a princess and her prince living happily.

Darkness will devour the light,
as the world grows older through your eyes.
Time will sneak through the day,
and turn it into night. 

Yes this is true my friend, but don’t be afraid.
Life is what happens,
when the years of childhood is replaced.  
So enjoy this day my friend.

Take a minute to breathe in the air, 
where childhood is all that exist.
This is your day my friend,
the day of the innocence.

Copyright © Fedelyn Wester | Year Posted 2019

Details | Fedelyn Wester Poem

My strength and my cause

Her laughter pulls me from the dark and into the light

His smile gives me the strength to continue to fight

Yes life is stressful, yes life is hard

But with these two angels by my side I'll always be on guard

They are my strength, they are my cause

My love for them will never be flawed

Thank you God for giving me two good reasons

To fight off my inner most darkest demons

I love you my children, you were sent to me from above

Nothing, and I mean nothing will ever break this mother's love

Copyright © Fedelyn Wester | Year Posted 2019