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Cobweb Spider vs Carpenter Ant

She was expecting a moth or a housefly.
Her cobweb had taken her all day
but she didn't know what days were
all she knew was hunger.
Flying insects bat the wind
to fight gravity
to soar.
Flying insects cannot move
without their wings.
The cobweb would make quick work of that. 

The carpenter ant was headed home. 
He walked confidently to the edge of the window sill
and fell right into the web. 
Spider sprang into action.
She surrounded the ant in a fury of activity
binding him tighter and tighter.
Ant was losing
but each time the spider checked her work
took even the briefest pause
the ant would break free and continue the journey.
He didn't need wings
the web could not hold him
because it was made for flying insects.
Spider was enraged. 

Ant was strong
he kept bursting through the woven web
he marched on.
Spider was also strong
leaping on the ant's back
flipping him this way and that
spinning web all around the ant.
Ant was too strong.

A flying insect would have given up in under two minutes
the ant was still going twenty minutes in. 
I know because I watched the whole thing.

Ant won. 
He did not defeat the spider
but he escaped with his life.
He made it home.

Copyright © Jeffrey Louis Rosenspan | Year Posted 2019

Details | Jeffrey Louis Rosenspan Poem

Apollo 37

When I was seven I found out 
that there would be no parachutes after re-entry.
We would reach Mars
or perhaps only Earth's Moon
depending on the direction and thrust.
We would conduct our experiments
finish some work previous scientists had left
train the new ones
and then we would head home.
We would re-enter Earth's atmosphere as planned
but there would be no parachutes
no gentle descent to the Sea Kings.
There wouldn't be any more missions.
This one had to matter.
At seven I was excited for the trip
and I'm excited again.

Copyright © Jeffrey Louis Rosenspan | Year Posted 2019