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Jiska Hachmer

Sweetened, mommy, on beat, authentic. 

Sister of my lionized brothers, the lionized for radio and business. 

Daughter of idolized by some and for being a hero in keeping safety in towns. And the other to be an one man can control governments statecrafts. Idea inside of them is people can rule the world vs people are obeying the world, all to deliver a job. And now they are battle-scarred. 
Power-driven and veteran driven, but in the end, life is life and it has been done to them. They are themselves within the environment. And that makes me environmental psychologist consultant. 

Mommy of two great kids, which were abused a lot by their environment in the schools and in the dutch system. Kids have a horrific life in Holland at the moment. I never had such childhood. But they study high-level 3rd bachelor degree on young age. They did well despite the environment around them which is full with frauds and abuse by grown people that should protect them. 
it makes being a mommy a tough job. But I always love them and feel how all ancestors always survived between wars, and faults of the government. 
We have special recipes to help our kids out again. But moving away from this country is ideal for many. The abuse is extreme. 

I am a lover of real love, monastery style waiting on the one, deep soul which makes a person authentic and able to work better. I love modern type mother Theresa's, but then all original, authentic with personal development and idea, which always comes from the Gods. But we must find that inside, and give ourselves that time. But shouldn't stand still forever, we need a movement to be. But then our personal pace, which can have moments of stillness and higher activity, caused by life. 

Who feels good, found the core of myself, and found what to work on. 
Who would like to see my one, my dream city, my dream life? 
Resident of The Netherlands, on secret address. 

Copyright © jiska hachmer | Year Posted 2019

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Not reversed

Not reversed
Is, all other we think of, a poem, when it has no label, yet? It is, it is always labeled as free verse: Every thought a poem, or with another label and still a poem, but all in another group, then the verse libre, groups of poems with different labels. Thus, "or without an addition label", not able to be someone else, just plane itself, and still a poem, free verse, not reverse.

 Then every thought is work, and every thought has value, simply cause we name it. Even, our most unconscious thoughts, telling us nothing, is something. 
Were we all dumb, thinking none writes writings, thus epic? 
 We only, need to understand the level of the verse, to know the label? Where all the value left us, because we cannot judge. 
 Art is always pretty to someone. 

Human, are poets. How to see all expressions now? There is no style until we style it. 

 Every word, actually a poem, a free life, no restrictions, and always something valuable, but not always with someone else's label, yet. 

 As life develops, we will find interest in trying different ways, and always will hope we haven't lost that pure free being, a free rhymed verse. 

All people were wrong thinking all isn't when all is a verse.

Copyright © jiska hachmer | Year Posted 2019