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Grey skies
Dark tones
Enclosed by cold

Dark soil
Dulling peat
Around your feet.

Wand’ring eyes
Raised heads
Heavy hearts of lead.

Sullied Gold
Sullied Hearts
Seeking Sapphire Love

Sapphire, Love.
Downcast, love.

Surging into an array of emotions:

Violet feelings 
White Emotions
Beige Thoughts 
Hazel feelings
Resilient, yet filled with loneliness 

Fading light
Diming Tones
Barren Void

Copyright © Evan Blache | Year Posted 2019

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Oh beautiful sky, 
oh ivory moon
Oh beautiful obsidian night with lovely luminous stars.
Your rays glitters upon me.
They dance on top of my head.
How amazing to be in the presence of a splendid eve.

Vibrant, brisk, air gust upon me
Tender sunsets disappear.
The beauty of such planes makes me cry... 

The evening makes me smile

Copyright © Evan Blache | Year Posted 2019

Details | Evan Blache Poem


?A canvas of emotions?
?Flying through lovely azure?
?And golden tones?
?Clouds of iv’ry?
?Soft as satin?
?Carrying me into dreams?
?The sea of happiness?
?Flowing into a river?
?Moving me so calmly?
?Peacefully and soothing ?
?Blissfullness on a cloud?
?But clouds?
?While soft like satin?
?Can just be a veil?
?Going from iv’ry?
?Turning to sable?
?Slowly changing it?
?Covering the sun?
?Ashen skies?
?So melancholy?
?So temperamental?
?And dole?
?Weighing down?
?Like a burden?
?But clouds?
?Can clear?
?Lifting weigh off you?
?Going from heavy?
?And unbearable?
?To light?
?Floating smooth?

Copyright © Evan Blache | Year Posted 2019