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Have you ever gone insane

Have you ever gone Insane?

I remember the space and time
Where my mind liquefied
in-between chains of reality
That I had originally planted within myself
The only problem was that it wasn't watered
Nor ..nourished
It grew in the shaded and jaded filtered pictures of
the Sun's dying rays that I'd labled:
"I've gone insane"

Aside from the screams and voices, bellowing against me
Like the piercing winds that I mistook for comfort
Without permission, Grabbed hold and sunk their bloody claws,
Into ol' sunken me

The blood representing, "My apologies"
I've gone insane.

I'd gone insane 
Uncontrollable body and mind
I couldn't let the darkness win
Not this nor, next time..
So I raged 
A war inside of me so painfully scorned and seared 
with tears of the demons I've silenced in order to feel
I don't think it would've mattered if I'd caught that rare bounty
Before it manifested, Bounty-less
For I'm not a mere coin in a sunken treasure,
I am the sunken treasure chest

Copyright © Angela Anderson | Year Posted 2019

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hook, line and sink Her

Today the blurry vision calls to her
Last night She drank too much
And to be honest, 
She doesn't know why
It was without reason
She awoke this morning and the air was screaming
at Her to breathe once more

And sobriety, alongside it, telling Her
"It's okay to put down the bottle"
faint whisper.

Experience soberness and that it's okay to feel 
It's a whole different person.
Who is powerful, creative and connected
but it's also, someone who feels so mcuh
and feels the pain all too well
And sees the demons people describe as medicine
She can step in-between all the heavens and hells
So, yeah, She's terrified of who she has become because
she can become so much more if she just allows desire to infiltrate
one day at a time. 

And today, I miss her
and her wings
Wounded, but still flying
and today, I miss her
and her smiles and laughter
That presently exist, but could..
ever multiply

And today, I miss her because She's been skipping meals
because a demanding voice yells inside her brain and head
That hasn't been there for a while..
But has once more, returned

See, the darkness loves to imprison her and cause her to backslide
but I think, now, She's ready to catch it
Hook, line and Sinker
So maybe this is her making a decision to be
better again
to be strong
and to beat those demons down

Copyright © Angela Anderson | Year Posted 2019

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Nearly there

Shall I keep apologizing? 

For the silent screaming,
that has somehow, manifested into some..labeled, romanticized , interpreted version of labored anger...
You think it's anger? You think it's aggression?
Do you really see me, from thine own given two eyes?
Without that third component?
Do you really tell me that you "think" I'm mad

When only, finally now, after so much of the service I've survived and assisted through.. CRAWLED back up
you mean? to tell me?
that the fact that I raise my voice to a volume that you provide on a daily basis, during your contemplative; DISGUSTING amount of complaining about the things that don't mean a damn thing to me anymore...
you mean to say?
I'M considered mad?

maybe now I'm empty...


For hours, days, months and years
for over two decades now, I've silenced myself.. 
into somebody that's dedicated everything.. life.. to their sacrifice
To assist in your growth.
To water you.
To say,          .....

So, what would you say?
So, what would you ask?

other than bearing my own unbearable, growl of what you call 
as if it's a measure at this point ...
As if suffrage is measured..
between the voting winner, and a losing "factor"

Nobody is top place..

and because I've lifted them all above the wreckage of their own vantage point
I've arrived   

in my own delicate refuge, 
of wanting to leave so badly ...

If I told you that last night, I managed to gather 120 minutes
of that so called, delicate slumber.

but that in between, those hell, awful Growls, 
I had to manage an entire establishment 3 hours on and after

That in between those silent sayings.. 
"You're finally seeing that you're not worth it all"
weighing down on my responsibilities..
Weeping sighs of wondering
"What would this be if I didn't sing along?"

what are those you say?
let's just say, 
"I weigh so much, that I'm skin and shrunken bones."

The weight of the world, the succumbing darkness that keeps taking and taking and taking   Took.


Where does stuck too...that seal of the enveloped world of darkness of the world.
one by one, I always say back...silently 

"I'm livin' the dream"

If I leave I can't fulfill this act.
If I leave I can't understand what this loneliness feels like 
what it means
Because somebody like me,

will never..quite go away.

yet, I'm nearly there.


Copyright © Angela Anderson | Year Posted 2019

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full force

Imprinted into my desired slumber
I lie here; awake
distracted by the simple fact that I can write
In a way that each bone completes every sentence of my structure 
and my blood flows, intricately into everything 
and everyone else
and it's paralyzing 
I've doused myself in a seasonal dressing
Coating me in a way that I have to accept
the personal concept,
that I'm fearless, but I fear
the way you glance my way

almost as if, you're uncertain with your life
I'm uncertain, too
but because of the fact that life is 
messing me up,
like a week old pile of laundry, cleaned; now, the crumb catcher
awfully cluttered

I woke up today and it's quite funny, because I'm considering
slipping away
into nothingness, but I chose, once again

to feel okay

Copyright © Angela Anderson | Year Posted 2019

Details | Angela Anderson Poem

My calling

Did I sign a contract?
For these personal life experiences slept beside my always busy mind
Calling to me

As I stumbled down the Devil’s staircase
Once encased by my addictions
Bathed and soaked scars that I allowed myself to control and define me

My Angels picked me up 
and filled that empty space

So I could teach one how to adore thine own scars
So I could pick you up, up, up, up, up, up.
And fill your empty space

I remember the time of feeling unable to get back up again 
My wings tethered and my mind scattered and my chest splattered as I echoed each breath of these unbearable gifts
I see the devil in every mirror and through every souls doorway I encounter their demons 
Sometimes facing them into the late hours of the night
I’ve shed tears for my ancestors
Bearing the weight they couldn’t shed
Carrying these immortal longings along with the commitment of releasing them

My Angels picked me up, up, up, up, up, up
And filled that empty space, space, space, space
So I could pick you up, up, up, up, up, up
To teach you how to love each scar
How to dress unattended wounds
How to weep below the moon, moon, moon, moon
How to growl in the face of each darkness
How to listen to a fellow sad face
How to learn how to love yourself
As you stumble down the Devil’s staircase
I’ll pick you up, up, up, up, up, up
And fill each empty space, space, space, space

I signed a contract, to bear a loving heart
That loves so deep
With a soul that weeps
And a chest that will breathe

These immortal longings.

Copyright © Angela Anderson | Year Posted 2019