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Best Poems Written by Jax Ferguson

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Party Night

She moves like the wind,
fluid and free,
moves like a belly dancer,
every moment is a joy for me.
the ribbons trail in the air,
leaving behind a coloured pattern,
flowing like her hair.
The fire glows and sparks,
illuminating her like a halo,
I've fallen in love,
but too scared to say hello.
So I just sit,
beer can in hand,
every moment a sip.
The music ripples through my bones,
inviting me to get up and dance with her,
but I feel as though,
I couldn't put on as good a show.
She jolts and gyrates,
the fire chains flying around,
Everyone claps and applauds,
When she finishes, they finally hit the ground.
Some guy throws water onto the fire,
As the steam reaches the sky,
She is gone, into his arms,
Little did I,
know he was her father,
she was the best I've seen with my eye.

Copyright © jax ferguson | Year Posted 2019

Details | Jax Ferguson Poem

For Her

Why didn't I say something,
about my feeling,
to you.
I didn't take the chance,
could have had romance,
scared of what you would do.

I will always blame,
my low self esteem,
choking every time,
worried about the shame,
if you say no.

Now I sit alone,
a life full of regret,
all the chances are gone,
if only I had taken the bet.

Every day I dream,
about what could have been,
had I not let it pass by.

If I could live again,
I would say what I wanted.

That you are the apple of my eye.

Copyright © jax ferguson | Year Posted 2019