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Unholy love

Bloody lips on ivory skin. Flames trailing behind those freezing fingertips. Eyes like black holes and the Universe they suck you in.  

You call this love? Or cataclysm? 

Unholy, dirty mouth and the taste of Heaven. We feel like flying as we lay together on our ripped wings and feathers. Halos tight around our throats, we live on passion and lust. 

Sweetheart, what we have done is the worst. 

Flesh and bones carved by the Gods, we're so hollow under the cracks. Words wrapped in thorns, delicious honey on our tongues. This Paradise, nothing but the fruit of our insanity.

Oh darling, we fell in love with the tragedy. 

Copyright © Adina Neculau | Year Posted 2019

Details | Adina Neculau Poem

Our song

Oh how we've been gone wrong lately
This disc is scratched, it ain't lovely, baby
Trying my best to hear your voice
But you left me without a choice
My brain can't understand anymore
Our hearts can't take no more

Wait. Our steps ain't matching
Stop. Why we keep on dancing?

Keep on dancing on the same beat
I am so sick of this old beat
I am tired of playing on repeat the same song
We kept on saying the same lyrics for damn too long

Yes, hit the pause on our love
This link between us started to curve
I'd rather be on my own than alone together
We should have known better, now we're stuck here forever

Our song,
Can't stop, won't stop, should stop this song
This stupid song,
The beat still on, but the feelings are gone

Our song,
Can't stop, won't stop, should stop this song
This stupid song
No rhythm, no love, but we still carry on

Looking at you, why you looking confused?
Why do I feel like I am getting used?
Used to this mess, used to this pain
Used of pretending it ain't all in vain
What more can I do? What more can I say?
It's better to leave, stop hitting replay
Stop singing these verses, there're all ing lies.
We're making it worse, our rhyme slowly dyes

Better break the note, change the chord
This stupid old song hurts like a sword
Right through my chest, it never ends
I need some bandaids... gimme your hands.

Copyright © Adina Neculau | Year Posted 2019

Details | Adina Neculau Poem

Sweet destruction

I didn't come to conquer, I'm all into destruction. 
Chaos is my middle name, remember it until the end.
Do not fear the ruins at your feet. That's how you reach perfection.
I'll never be your enemy, consider me your friend.
Your eyes shine like the burning kingdom. Take no action.
There's despair written on your face. Knees weak, they bend.
You wanted something more, begged for salvation. 
I'm here to take everything. I like how you pretend.
The perfect act but I know there won't be any accusation.
Salty drops on your smiling lips. Let it be an old legend.
How you, my dear king, sold your soul all because adoration.
Say the words, I'm all you ever needed. Let our essence blend.
Take my hand and never let go. How beautiful is our creation.
You're more powerful now, when there's nothing left to defend.

Copyright © Adina Neculau | Year Posted 2019