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Best Poems Written by Paul Kasolokera Mkandawire

Below are the all-time best Paul Kasolokera Mkandawire poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Unspoken words

Fear is my unspoken words
Emotions linger in my mind
like free flying birds
but still my life is sad!

Unspoken words remain Undefeated
Just as the sky remains seated
As my heart beats
Tears and Fear pour heavily
The only taste i have is that of mucus
Running from my nose
Why My people are more concerned with frequent blackouts!
A question to be ,does our lives matter?

Evil people have put a price on my body 
Making me the most haunted persons of my era
A few people are there to fight with me
A question to be,
Are they rangers trying to control pouching?
But still my life is sad!
A question to be  does our lives matter?
Nalakwanji Malawi?

Copyright © Paul Kasolokera mkandawire | Year Posted 2019

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Pain makes humans insane
pain leaves us with no option but acceptance
pain makes us inhuman
pain can nor be or either be embraced
pain is a sign of weakness
pain gives us wisdom
pain is pain
there is no better or worst pain
pain gives us strength
sometime takes all our energy 
but still its stuck in our lives
pain leaves us with no option
no man is used to pain
come day light or at night
pain is a battle we all fight
do you know who pain is?

Copyright © Paul Kasolokera mkandawire | Year Posted 2019

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Ndiwe Mayi Malawi

Dedication to :Emily Stancy chimombo
Ndiwe Mai Malawi
Biblically  your are a creature made of dust
your body scent feels like gold
which when I cuddle ,I wear it on my flesh
It feels permanent like the ink on my skin
Ndiwe  Mai Malawi _

You're a priceless piece of art 
I can never put on auction 
but I can bait my life for 
You drill Oils to keep me healthy , is oil drilling healthy?
Yet You guard me for the next generations
You're a virtue
my pride & my home
you're lake Malawi
Ndiwe Mai Malawi

I desired for perfection
then mother nature gave you
Mai Malawi, whose given me strength,peace, joy and affection
Visionary woman you're
Ndiwe Mai Malawi

Bitterness & kindness all in one body 
A blooming heart?? with broken pieces
Gold can be melted, allow me to put together all the broken pieces
Ndiwe Mai malawi

Copyright © Paul Kasolokera mkandawire | Year Posted 2022

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Disability and Equality

Disability & equality

I & my kind are equal
The skin of my color is not a curse 
But due to evil & greed
My fellow humans have put a price-tag on my head
Making me the most hunted amongst the human kind
Yet in the book & to the creator we are equal

I am fully human nevertheless ,but human
Failing to carry my body due to my leg problems 
doesn't make you more human because you can move

Situations i solve without my eyes 
My heart & mind do the chemistry
I'm a man with no hands
But Wars & battles of injustice I fight
Yet job opportunities to my kind are still denied

My voice is heard but ignored
their voice is heard & acknowledged
leaving me a lonely a person,you call a mad man(wamisala)
Yet before the book we are all equal

Words from my lips are distorted
Hands  i still use to communicate
Yet am denied the same chances as those that speak with their lips
but before the book & creator we are equal

By *Paul kasolokera Mkandawire*

Copyright © Paul Kasolokera mkandawire | Year Posted 2020