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Best Poems Written by Ajay Shekhar

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Balance for better

Balance for better reminds me of a seesaw!
I sit on one side, she sits on the other, I see from here, She sees from there, we see to each other.
Our kid sits on her lap, she sinks down for a while so that I lift on the other side, aren’t we on a seesaw? 
Some other time, I sit tight so that she comes up and sees the light.

Balance for me is never like a horizontal bar, it’s rather like a seesaw. 

I am just a bread winner, she is a champion, she works like me, she handles home, she takes care of my kid; she is the main line, I am the supporting staff, she is my better half.

Who says man runs the society! I say woman holds the family so that we imagine of something called ‘society’, men are just the helping hands. She is a wife, she is a daughter, she is a colleague, she is a boss, be it anywhere- she is there to smile and to care. I would move ahead or sit behind or do whatever I can to hold the balance-balance for better. 

She sees, I see, we saw, we are at a seesaw.

Copyright © Ajay Shekhar | Year Posted 2019

Details | Ajay Shekhar Poem

Veer Kunwar Singh: a short tale

Let me tell you the story of a true warrior king, 
‘Ran Bankura’, grand old Babu Kunwar Singh; 
Who was a land lord 
But wielded the sword! 
Remember the rebellion of 1857, when India had a first shout 
Babu Kunwar led it in Bihar and did it without any doubt. 
Imagine the wonderful forests, ground and ‘the cave’, who witnessed the gorilla warfare 
In a fight of pride and honor when everything was not fair. 
The neighing horses, the collision of swords and a command of old man 
He will not get defeated, that is the best he can! 
He was old yet brave, he died a master and not a slave. 
It tells us there is no age to fight, 
What matters is the spirit and the feel for right. 
We all know of Jack n Jill but 
Shouldn’t we know the old man’s will! 
The force was grounded, his hand was wounded. 
He went ahead and cut his hand, 
To protect his people and to free his land. 

Copyright © Ajay Shekhar | Year Posted 2019