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Ain't No Sheep

How many smiles have you faked today? 
Everyone's been telling their sad story,
But not even one is ready to listen to 
What you have to say? 

You confide in yourself but sometimes you can't take it anymore. 
You have to let it out but no one comes walking right through that door. 

You ask to your soul, "Am i good enough?" 
Nevertheless, you feel your neck being crampled 
And your eyes ready to pour but you stop. 
You stop,because you have to play it tough.

Not even a single soul shall know that you find yourself too naive to believe in something good. 
Perhaps, can't even imagine heaven and rainbows when you look above. 

You find yourself trapped and slowly lose the ability to contemplate the highs and lows of living since all you have been doing is, existing. 
You know yourself as a minuscule in this world, bustling.

And, you take yourself for not being vehement enough to fight your battle. 
But you have to live. 
Just like the deers who are holding onto their dear life everytime they witness the sunrise. 
Not even one is quite sure if they would witness the sunset 
or they would just end up being the prey. 

Sooner or later, your life shall begin to fray,
And you'll have no time to tie the loose ends.
Now is your chance to work hard. 
Work hard, just like the finicky ants.
They will never stop to fight for their survival. 
Whilst, you wait for the Grim's arrival. 

You remind yourself everyday that you are strong enough to be the lone wolf because,
If this world is a herd then you ain't no sheep.<\b>

Copyright © Suhana Wasim | Year Posted 2019

Details | Suhana Wasim Poem


Please don't tell me, it's a lie.
lie, that you have been spinning.
'Cause I have seen it in your eyes.
Eyes, which were not slurring. 

And now, all I wanna do is cry.
Cry, because it was so perfect in the beginning.
Willingly, I touched our fated sky.
Sky, so dark but our stars were glimmering. 

Maybe, it's not hard to die.
Die, as hell I have been living. 
'Cause, when you left me dry, 
My heart couldn't help but ask, "why"?

Copyright © Suhana Wasim | Year Posted 2019