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Don't Leave

You made me smile
But it just lasted for a while
Don't leave, because I don't know why
But that'll just make me cry.

All your memories of being here
Are now getting washed away in tears
Just a little more time
And I'll be left speechless like a mime.

I won't be seeing you after this
All that bliss, I'm gonna miss
What I feel, I guess I realised too late
But what now!? I think it was just fate.

Wanna go back to that night
Because all that just felt right
Just wanna look at you as if it's the last
So I can look smiling, back at the past.

Copyright © Anonymous Girl | Year Posted 2019

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Resting my head on the wall
Sitting away from everyone else
Trusting my own self
Ultimately, that will make me the best
I ain't a loner; just betrayed by the rest.

Copyright © Anonymous Girl | Year Posted 2019

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Victim Or Guilty

A victim or guilty
Who are you
Who is to say
Because they are too.

You might think you are innocent and sweet
That you never hurt a soul
But you never know anything
It's like a deep, dark hole.

Everything seems different 
Everything is strange
Everyone's out of reach
Everyone's out of range.

Life's all jumbled up
You are confused
What's happening
Are you guilty, or were you used?

Believe it or not
You've hurt someone or the other
Whether it's your classmate
Or your dad and your mother.

Why do we tell people
About how much we are hurt
Instead of telling them
What we've thrown on others...the dirt.

We tell them who hit us
Not who we hit
Who we've hurt
Pushed them in the sadness pit.

What about the girl you called fat
Or the guy you called black
You are just adding up to their troubles
Think of the qualities you lack.

You may not realise
What you are doing now
You won't know what happened
When, why and how?

It might be a joke for you
But for the victim it's not
You are just pushing them further to depression
They are just a little distance short.

There are a lot of victims
But the guilty are also many
Why do people just want sympathy 
And not give any.

This can be a start of something new
Maybe a 'sorry' might heal it
Apologize to everyone you've hurt
They might forgive you bit by bit.

Copyright © Anonymous Girl | Year Posted 2019