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It's a place where no one will judge , but you will get some grudge
It's a place where you don't get rest and your friends get out a part of your  best
Its a place where there is no stress and there is no need to depress
It's a place where there is no inequality but some popularity
It's a place one smile a long mile
It's a place where there are no feelings to play but everyone slay
It's a place where we have good game, and nothing sounds lame
Its a place where you sometimes get late, and you call your friends your mate
It's a place we make new friends and try to match the latest trends
It's a place containing art, we also call it a study mart
It's a place we learn history and refer to as a never ending mystery
Its a place where there are teachers, who think they are beautiful creatures
Its a place where I promised my friends that we will never drift apart, and they'll always stay in my heart

Finally I can say that SCHOOL is a beautiful journey which starts with, we not wanting to go there ( we cry) and ends with we not wanting leave it (we cry) ....

Copyright © AASHNA GUPTA | Year Posted 2019

Details | Aashna Gupta Poem

My Brother

My Brother 

When I wanted someone to love me, there was no other, 
Than my second mother, my brother.....

He is the one who always wiped my tears, 
And helped me fight my fears......

He learns how to play guitar, 
and he is my favorite superstar... 

For my enemies,he acts as a knife,
He is my life...... 

He is my present,
For me, he makes everything pleasent....

He is my laughter,
Whom I want to lose never after..... 

He is my best friend, 
Who has solutions to all my problems 
when my life faces a bend.........

He is my bread and I am his butter,
Together we are better than every other..... 

He is always there with me in my sorrow,
And I believe he will always be with me in
 my every tomorrow........

He is my time for leisure, 
And he is my most precious treasure...... 

He is my sunshine, 
He is just mine..... 

My dearest brother,if you are reading this then
 I just want to say that, 
I never wanna lose you, 
Because I really love you......  

Copyright © AASHNA GUPTA | Year Posted 2019