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I know you are waiting for the same
Also tired of playing the game.

I need to find you, but I don’t know how
Please give me a clue so I can know now.

Some day we shall be as one
Then we will have won, we will have won.

The prize is us – no matter what
We will ride through any kind of rut.

All I want is too be loved by you
And our love would be all so true.

We would be so happy together you would see.
It would be just you and me, just you and me.

Two hearts beating as one
This can be done, this can be done.

Where are you and when will this be?
Just you and me, just you and me.

I know you are out there, but don’t know where
I do know you exist and that you care.

Copyright 2/19

Copyright © Susan Bucsku | Year Posted 2019

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I've been waiting for you for quite a while
Though when you resurfaced I was unable to smile

I was tangled up in a web of lies
with the one I needed to say goodbye

His grip was strong as he held me tight
Blinding me; I could not see your light

The day arrived when I came to my senses
Letting go of all past defenses

I washed away all of  my sins
Now I am ready to begin

I needed time to heal my heart
That is why we could not start

Time was my friend throughout this trial
It sure was indeed, all the while

I am free now to pursue
whatever I wish myself to do

I am secure, I am for real
Let's go ahead and make our deal

There are no tricks, only treats
Therefore we'll endure any defeats

Let the past be forgotten
Failing relationships, it makes us rotten

Communication is the key
For me for you, you for me

I long to hold you close, hold you near
making all your nightmares disappear

I always wondered what we could be
Me inside you, you inside me

I love you more than you could ever know
So let's get started and give it a go!

Copyright 2/19

Copyright © Susan Bucsku | Year Posted 2019

Details | Susan Bucsku Poem


Every moment is a brand new start
To continue to heal your broken heart.

We can't explain why love goes wrong
Reach deep down into your soul and keep strong.

Feel the heat of the sun 
Its brightness helps things be done.

Gaze into the night to find your special star
Realize the beautiful power of who you are.

Love can be blind
Yet you will find
Genuine people who are always kind.

You are the best friend anyone knows
And you are there unconditionally throughout your flows.

Remember you are always above
Anyone who denies your love.

Don't give up for God is above
Pray with Him and you'll find your true love.

This wonderful girl will be a surprise
And help you heal the previous demise.

It may take some time before she arrives
Until then ride the hurdles and you will survive.

She will be the one to share life and love with no bounds
You'll confide in each other to hold the solid grounds.

You can share all feelings no matter what
Not judge you and never give up.

She will be the one to sing your song
Throughout your lives together you'll always both be strong.

She will instantly know you're about a lot
And hold you dear not to lose that spot.

You are the one who deserves the best
So don't you settle for the rest.

Have patience, faith, love and hope
Pray to God so you can cope.

Family and friends are full of love
So thank the Great Lord above.

Copyright 2/19

Copyright © Susan Bucsku | Year Posted 2019