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Surrounding self with shells of snails,
You lie on warming shifting sand
Sifting through your open hand,
Adrift with tidal rifted swales.

Charting ebbs and flows of sun, 
Wisps of clouds reveal the show
That hermit crabs and sea crows know
And quietly your brain has spun.

The waters turn, the tables, too,
As comfort’s found in sandy dunes,
And concert in gulls’ shrilly tunes,
Relentless though the ocean’s brew.

Emboldened by the sand and rock,
Self aligns with shale and shells,
Enchanted by the salted swells,
And Siren-like, the gulls’ sweet talk.

You’re only one of millions more,
As grains and shells and showers;
Though insignificant your powers,
Not so the strength found at the shore.

Steadfast again your peace survives,
Near broken on a hidden shoal;
Designed, determined to be whole, 
In turbulence the soul revives.

Feb. 8, 2019
Enclosed Rhyme, Emile Pinet

Copyright © Donna JT Smith | Year Posted 2019

Details | Donna Jt Smith Poem

School Dance

The gym was decorated:
crepe draped and glittery.
Disquietude was partner
as I stood against the wall,
misrepresented hunger gnawing at my soul
and a misunderstood thirst.
The electric strumming died,
so the vehemence of a heart-throbbing 
perpetual drum solo 
and snare’s 
shimmering effervescence
could ripple, rumble and shoot 
as lightning through the air,
no reverence for my ears,
nor veneration for years.
Then he 
stepped into the emptiness 
of the full room,
a late arrival, early, 
I heard my heart’s solo drumming
on my ribs resonating 
until my misconstrued hunger and thirst turned keen 
and translated 
to amorousness. 
My teen heart flamed. 
Fervidness was defined.
And all music forever changed
its tune.

Feb. 9, 2019
Free Verse On Love- 10 Words- Pick A Prize Poetry Contest, Lu Loo

Copyright © Donna JT Smith | Year Posted 2019