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It wasn't just me

My head was spinning 
Going round and round 
I wanted to run away and never be found 
I used to cry 
People would ask but I couldn't tell them why
I had become so shy 
I couldn't even look people in the eye
Oh when oh when would this feeling stop?
I want to curl up under that rock
I couldn't explain 
It was like there was never sun, always rain
No-one will understand they'll think that I'm lying 
But every day I swear to god Im really trying 
I should have been living, having fun 
Not standing here wanting to run 
Whenever I walked out of my door 
I would automatically look at the floor 
Hands clammy
Legs going bammy 
Heart would Pound so fast 
I hate this feeling, how long will it last?
See the thing is I have depression
But I wish that someone would have taught me the lesson 
About how life can get so tough 
When you juggle with your mind and other stuff 
So now I'm here to tell you all 
That it is okay to feel a bit low 
You don't have to suffer my dear
I am here to give an ear 
I am someone who understands 
Ill be here to lend a hand

Copyright © Natalie Fraser | Year Posted 2019