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I was lost, fearful and broken
I hid my thoughts words unspoken.
My life had no meaning and it 
was lonely to think that I was not loved and with no family.

I was torn and I was sworned into a life of great despair
I was angry and I thought life was unfair.
I looked in the mirror saw my face
Lost I was in total disgrace.

My family was not here because I let them go
How stupid I was not let my love for them show.
I was broken-torn into pieces and I just needed Jesus.
My life plain and destroyed by people that could not be sincere with me and 
seemed annoyed.

My flesh is weak and easily torn.
Now that there is life in me, a hard shell is worn.
A shell of protection for no more deceit. I cannot trust anyone
because I heard lies and went through mistreat.

I was lost. In my eyes you would see a young woman that was not free.
Free to live, love and be happy; I was denied that freedom because I was
caught in total deceit and much distraught.

I now live and my eyes reflect the soul that is no longer lost, but found.
I was broken and now mending the pieces; the words in me are now easily spoken.

Copyright © Lisette Estopinan | Year Posted 2019

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Give me That Rush

Kiss my forehead
My face is flushed.
Caress my hair
Give me a long stare.

Hold me, take my hands
Direct my stare and hands
to you.
I am blind, help me see
Hold my hands and show
me the map of your body.

Kiss my hands
My face is flushed
Caress my face, give me
that rush.

Take it off and place it
there. Take my hands and place
them anywhere.

Copyright © Lisette Estopinan | Year Posted 2019

Details | Lisette Estopinan Poem


Bleeding inside
Tears outside
I feared, I cried.

Pain is no stranger to me
That seems all I see.
Hurt by you
Hurt and you never knew.

Heart is bleeding
Bleeding from pain
Mind is thinking too much
Going insane.
Tears falling down my face
Cant feel nor embrace.

You left me
And here I sit empty.
Empty in the inside
Reflecting on the outside.

You hurt me bad
And now I am so sad
Trying to pick up the broken pieces of my heart
Now just one more thought.
I never yelled, never fought.
All I did was love you
And all you did was hurt me
Pain is what I see
And your love was never true.

Copyright © Lisette Estopinan | Year Posted 2019