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between two hearts

At crossroads I am met
disguised behind a mask.
A gambler would bet
I shall not beat the task.
For I am torn in two
beaten to a point.
Not knowing what to do
my bones are aching joints.
Between the girl I love
and the man that I adore.
One graceful as a dove
the other never bores.
She sees into my eyes
my pain he does sympathize.
Beautiful she is a crystal
rugged he does hypnotize.

She is scared to be alone
he feels he is unknown.
Yet for her I am there
and for him I do care.

Would she laugh at me
and would he mock me so?
I am scared to wait and see
for really I don’t know.
Truly, I’m losing my mind
hiding behind my mask.
Why is strength so hard to find
to walk to them and ask.

Jason Garrett Crittenden
Poetry name: literary Lucifer (the bringer of light)
Contact email: lordmidas2019@gmail

Copyright © jason crittenden | Year Posted 2019