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Best Poems Written by Caren Bons

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Forever and Always

When I feel I can do nothing right,
I start to feel blue,
it's in the quiet of the night,
I close my eyes and picture you,
I can feel your warm embrace,
and see Your Beautiful eyes,
I realize my love for you is true,
 When I feel like nothing can go wrong,
I start to feel strong,
it's in the quiet of the late night,
that I close my eyes and picture you,
in my chest, I feel my heart pound wildly,
I see your handsome smile so clearly,
I whisper my Love to you is true,
 They say a picture is worth a thousand words,
Your worth to me is so much more,
and I treasure you in so many ways,
I love You forever and Always

Copyright © Caren Bons | Year Posted 2019

Details | Caren Bons Poem

I Get it Now

I get it now

I'm the one that you can trust,
the one you can lean upon,
to pick up the pieces to sweep up the dust,
the one you can rely on,

I get it now you know,
the one that you turn to,
when you are in desperate need to stay true,
the one who helps you grow,
that one who is always there for you,

I really do get it now you see,
I'm the one to bolster your self-esteem,
the one to make your soul free,
to dry your eyes and make them gleam,

Yes, I get it and will always know,
I'm the one who is supposed to be strong,
that one that never needs to grow,
the one whose life is supposed to never go wrong,

I get it fully alright,
I am the one who should never be in need,
the one who should need to talk all night
that one whose soul needs to be freed,

I get it, I'm never to be weak,
the one who is supposed to always be strong,
and never in need of a friend in which I can speak,
if I believe otherwise then I am wrong.

Copyright © Caren Bons | Year Posted 2019