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For I am the representation of the unknown.

I whence at the thought of human touch and flee at first glance.

I fly away in solitude and caw in the name of darkness.

For I am the madness in a poets line and the chaos that brings chills down your spine.

A lunatics binge is greener past the fringe as the laughter echoes past the grassy knoll and the white rabbit effect takes its toll.

Falling in-through a hole-in-one, a single gesture lands you on the dark side of the sun.

You wake in the middle of glide and all you wanna do is do is confide.

The hands of the traveler comforts all who follow.

Especially the ones who connect and wallow.

For I am dark, a winged messenger—swallowed 

Copyright © Robert Young | Year Posted 2019

Details | Robert Young Poem


Well then, take a look into these eyes, the eyes of a wizard and you begin to wonder if your smile is heard. Suddenly! You hear the wind whisper your name, followed by the heartbeat of sound—

‘“The dark soulful eyes of a turbulent storm hides the chaos within, only to greet you with a smiling sin.

A touch of prophecy is within, as you feel the fire again and again.

The desires of sin makes your head spin and 
ache, filling you up...for heaven-sake!

As you bask in the array of promise set for you through these eyes of calmness, my sight swallows the dreams of your righteous days to caress your pain in beautiful ways.

The shadows of yesterday’s needs with your forgotten deeds, leaving you shadowless in your brightest heeds.

Hindered the spirit is soulless eyes, a smile subsides with empty lullabies.

The sounds of madness brightens up the soul, as these eyes again—smile ten fold.

Then you feel the desires of a mind on fire.

The only thing left to to hold her, like the gleam in the eyes of a beholder”’

Copyright © Robert Young | Year Posted 2019