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My Name Is Society

I cause one's self confidence to crumble away  
Like a worn-down building left to decay 
I infect the minds of the old and young 
Trapping them in the isolated web I've strung 
I force others to believe they aren't good enough 
They must be tall, skinny, beautiful or buff 
My name is body image 
I am seen throughout education, employment, and social rights 
Taking expectations to soaring heights 
I make women assume that it's acceptable to be used as objects 
Or men must be strong and can't ever cry in any prospect 
I don't allow genders to be reassigned 
You must be your birth gender defined 
My name is gender roles and discrimination 
I can cause impressions with just one glance 
individual expression isn't given a chance 
I create the illusion that one race defines all 
Fabricating personas big or small 
I seem to compel others to act  
Solely based on a skin color abstract 
My name is racial socialization 
I am needed to have success 
Until one obtains me they'll never rest 
I drive individuals into the ground 
Instruments of money don't make a sound 
If money is power 
Where is my crown? 
My name is money obsession 
We are called society

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