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This pill that make me sleep and takes away my dreams. 
It keeps my thoughts and leaves me disesteemed. 
Who doth have these rights, 
To take away my starry nights?

When the morning wakes it is just about certain, 
Hopes are lost as I draw back my curtain. 
Just one pill that reels
My reflections it always steals.
I procrastinate and take it purposely late. 
Avoidance cannot protect me from fate. 
It mocks me each time, 
I hear the bells on the clock chime. 

Begrudgingly, I swallow the damn' tablet  down, 
Then sullenly slip into my nightgown. 
"Do not go to sleep," 
I ruminate, "These are my sheep!"

Copyright © Dana NARDONE | Year Posted 2019

Details | Dana Nardone Poem


Do you remember? 
I use to follow wherever you went.
You would pull my pigtails. 
I would start to cry, so you would relent.

You would push my nose 
And tell me I was too short to hang out.
I would stomp both my feet
I did everything I could do, to shout

I am NOT too short!
My nose is just right!
These pigtails are mine!
I don't want to fight.

Holding back giggles,
You pulled on my pigtails, pushed my nose down.
I would become flustered, 
Trying everything not to show my frown.

"Why can't I just play?
"Everyone else can!"
"Shorty, you're too small."
So away I ran

She came and got me.
Wiped away my tears, gave my nose a pinch.
And quietly whispered,
"Do what I do and this will be a cinch."

She ran to the right.
She ran to the left.
She kicked the ball hard.
And she scored a goal!

My laughing cousin,
Lives inside each and every one of us.
Its the love that we feel.
Being accepted, even when we're short.

Copyright © Dana NARDONE | Year Posted 2019