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We lingered too the passenger like
awaiting the snake that runs on dike
We sat, hands tied to lower jaw like
Mom waiting for her dour child to spike
For hopefully the rain which  pours like
Husks husked, bowl tilted by girl old tyke

Alas! Drought came and left fields empty
Our leaves wildt too tired to agony,
offered by weather adversity
And we, seedlings, fold to sleep gradually
All my neighbours died too and early
They had said, 'Dying is birth, buddy.'
I defied and stayed alive like Odyssey

The sun scorched and bruised my everywhere 
I came red and food I could not bear
I bent as though I was to crawl there
Searching for water my thirsts impair 
All adversities devoured to scare 
On me as was the one standing their dare

I can't again it's too much on me
My hands cut; I'm now an amputee
By burning blown winds by high degree
Like Othello, it's that now's my zee
Hoping to rise when a drop drops free
For dying is birth said my buddy

BY: Yussif Hassan Cissey

Copyright © Yussif Hassan Cissey | Year Posted 2019