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Know-it-all, teacher’s pet, weirdo, hardest worker in class, burnout, smart kid. I’m one of them. We’re all better than the others, but none of us can be the best. Burnout, burnout, burnout, happens to the best of us. 
All the smart kids, have you been inside their heads? 

People say they get it but they don’t. 
They don’t get why I work this hard. They say they wish they had my grades. 
But they don’t. Because they don’t know the things I’m missing:
The friends who never see me, the girlfriends I don’t have, all the people who can’t get me, the family who are so worried for me. 
None of them know the half of it.

The voice in my head is the only one who understands.
It keeps going on and on, about the work I should be doing, the grades I should have gotten, the girls in my class cleverer than me, why can’t you be like them, you take too much time off, you’ll never make it if you take so much time off, everything would be great if you were just a little smarter, any less work and you’ll be a failure. 
I wish it would  OFF. 

I should probably start telling people
About the toilets I cry in,
The parties I wish I’d gone to,
The minutes I wish I had to be a teenager,
The person I wish I’d been,
Before it gets too late.
But my mum worries enough already.

The ones who’d understand, who’d say it’s not just me, they don’t want to talk either.
I wish someone who isn’t me would admit we have a problem. 
But they won’t, cause right now every excuse is better than the truth.
Burnout, burnout, burnout. A valid possibility.
But God forbid I consider it before it happens.
Failure doesn’t compute. It’s not something I can allow right now.

Not thinking about this is just another excuse, 
To stop myself from really living,
Because speech makes this  real.
But when you don’t think the sad thoughts for days at a time, 
Who’d want to be reminded?
So I stop my thoughts from pouring out of me, 
Otherwise I’d never be able to take them back in.

This isn’t a cry for help, 
I’m not admitting I can’t do this. Because it’s all I can do right now. 
I’m not even certain I want to change.
I just wanted to write my thoughts down. So I can look back, and remember where it all began, or where it all went wrong. 

What is my ambition worth?
Because when I’m at death’s door, 
I want a wife at my side, a family. The things you don’t get with brains. 
And somehow, I feel like of all the things to regret, 
I won’t be crying over the A* I didn’t get. 

Copyright © Lily Scior-Lewis | Year Posted 2018

Details | Lily Scior-Lewis Poem

The one that got away

Last night I saw you again
I breathed in so hard my chest ached

You’re the one that got away

You’re still the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known
Because of your eyes when you laugh

You’re the one that got away

Even now, 
A year after I stopped loving you, 
I’ll catch myself crying at the sad songs, 

Because you will always be the one that got away

And you look so sad when you say it’s been two years since we’ve been friends
I just want to say I’m sorry
But we both know you won’t say it back

You can just be the one that got away

You didn’t treat me right
And I hated how you cared about her
But it’s okay now
We’re on two different paths

You can just be the one that got away

You should know there are the girls that care
And someday I’ll be able to care back
But for now

You’ll be the one that got away

Neither of us wants to be leaving
But we both need to find better ways of surviving

Let’s be the ones that got away

You like your parents now
But mine are still afraid of what you do to me
Part of me wants to go right back to the way we were 
But we can’t agree on what that was

Let’s be the ones that got away

I want to tell myself these feelings were all in my head
But the way you made me feel is in my lines and the people who care all remember
Part of me just wants to go right back
Part of me still wants to win one over you
But most of me wants to be me now

Someday you won’t be the one that got away

The only thing I know for sure
Is that you’ll never know

You’re the one that got away

To you I’m just the friend that disappeared on you
But you should know
I’m the one that escaped, 
Ran fast as I could

I’m the one that got away

You’ve had too much of me already
There was a time I would’ve given all
But hey, that girl didn’t like the real you

I’m the one that got away

Every now and then you stare at me the way you used to
I’ll never know how you felt
Because half the words you said to me were lies
And now I just don’t care

I’ll keep on going

You got my teens, 
You got my love,
You got my tears,
But you’ll never get me

So I’ll be the one that got away

Copyright © Lily Scior-Lewis | Year Posted 2018