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Best Poems Written by Tegan Elliott

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An Angels Kisses

(PROMP:[3:29am] angel!jeongin lies next to you and hugs you as you cry, telling you to stop missing him “it’s okay, I’m here” PROMPT CREDIT TO POEM BY- Tegan Elliott)

It was tears,
Broken dreams,
Broken hearts,
And a broken body,
Towed away,
He was young,
He was young,
Soon to be eighteen,
He was young,
The clock shattered,
Windscreen broken,
Crumple zone in,
In on me,
Under covers,
Hidden in beds,
My minds crumple zone in.

Tears whipped,
Crumple zone out,
The bed dipped,
It’s all folding out,
Cover moved,
cuddles ,
Wrapped around waists,
Metal wrapped around young waists,
New tears,
Never gone,
Praying for him back,
Wanting not to miss,
But him gone now,
forever ,
Towed away,
Too young.

Angel kisses,
Pressed against cheeks,
A simple halo,
Wrapped around bodys,
Hands playing,
With mine,
Kisses against cheeks,
Only cold breezes,
A freezing drift,
But windows locked shut, 
Love wrapped,
In every touch,
Praying to stop missing him,
He’s too young,
Crumple zone in,
Angels kisses,
Crumple zone out,

“it’s okay, I’m here” ,
Silent words,
Crumple zone in.

Copyright © Tegan Elliott | Year Posted 2018

Details | Tegan Elliott Poem

Sunshine Child

Sunshine child, 
Baby boy, 
Blue hair, 
Bright skin, 
Sleeping tight, 
A forever resting dream. 

Moonlit child, 
Grown up man, 
Gray hair, 
Pale skin, 
Waking up, 
All a nightmarish fever. 

But sunshine child is no more, 
Monsters in the closet,
Creeping under beds instantly stopping snores, 
The sunshine child quickly becoming the opposite 

Sunshine child 
No more 
No light underneath 
Six under 

Sunshine child lit by moonlight 
Sunshine child broken

Copyright © Tegan Elliott | Year Posted 2018