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The stars are dull; my mind’s just a skull.
The sky doesn’t fly, I just wish to die.
Heart’s just a simple pump, skin witnessing goose bumps.
My hand’s alone, just a set of bones.
Eyes are waterfalls, reminding our endless calls.
Sleepless are my nights, just staring at those flights.
The rain seems dirt, as you aren’t around to flirt.
I’ve lost my fame, as you played your game.
The King’s becoming weak, turning into a fool much freak.
On myself I’m a curse, and a worst written verse.

Being honest and true,
I’m nothing without you.
								--- HARSH MISTRY

Copyright © Harsh Mistry | Year Posted 2019

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The Rainbow

					The Rainbow
Under your shed, my love turns Red.
It  flows in my veins and heals my Pain
Your presence: Stomata on my skin,
Always needed, for my chlorophyll is Green.
You make me worth,
Providing me my Girth.
My trust in you is deep and true,
Deeper than ocean which’s dark and Blue.
You are the mermaid of it,
On my shore you are the Grit.
My emotions for you are high not low,
My love shines brighter than the star Yellow.
You are the sun in my days,
At night you become the moon that Slays.
In my lusture you are the glow,
My love’s classic, royal as Indigo.
In my crown you are the feather,
We’ll always remain forever together.
You were a stranger, who’s no more strange,
We are unites like the fruit Orange.
In your sweetness I’m a bitter seed,
But still I’m one of your Breed.

My feelings for you are never,” TO LET”,
That are beautiful than the flower Violet.
I breathe the fragrance of your love,
You are my white innocent Dove.

I’m the MOON,
And you’re my glow.
On your rainy day,
My love’s a RAINBOW.
						----- HARSH MISTRY

Copyright © Harsh Mistry | Year Posted 2019

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Its all about HER

Its about:-
Her Flawless Looks,
Her Love for the Books.
Her Fearless Talks,
Her queen-like Walks.

Its about:-
Her priceless Smile,
Her unique Style.
Her sincere Care,
Her lovely Stare.

Its about:-
Her angry Face,
Meeting Her was the best Grace.
Her beautiful Soul,
Determination for Her Goal.

Its about:-
Her chubby Cheeks,
Cuteness of Her Lips.
Her shinning Eyes,
Attracting to those of Mine.

Her sweetest Memories,
Even sweeter than the Jaggery.

At the end,
Its all about:-"HER".

Copyright © Harsh Mistry | Year Posted 2018

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These Days

My eyes are numb, I’m feeling so dumb.
Nights I don’t sleep, morning sleep is much deep.
My situation seems pity, with thoughts much bitty. 
So lazy I’ve become, just remembering how I used to be firm.
Cramps visit my arm, disturbing my charm.
My mouth vomits blood, on the green grassy mud.
My head always ache, mind is full of cache.
But still, my pen opts to write, keeping me alive to fight.
For my past happiness, my life now pays.
As to keep myself alive, I’m struggling these days.
								----HARSH MISTRY

Copyright © Harsh Mistry | Year Posted 2019

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The Moon

Last night;
A star departed from the sky
It's tears signified a lustrous goodbye.
Seeing to it; I wished for you.
Smilingly it replied:
"Sorry dear.
A star ever cannot gift you the Moon".
                                                      -- Harsh Mistry

Copyright © Harsh Mistry | Year Posted 2019

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Fade Away

A day will come.

My silence will speak,
More than a woodpecker's peck.

My smile won't last,
As my heart goes blast,

My soul will die,
Having no one to cry.

My memories won't matter,
In the world so shattered.

My poems won't be seen,
For some eyes so keen.

No one will have to tolerate me more,
As I'll turn ashes beside a sea's shore.

My name won't last,
Lost in the book of your past.

Only regret: My eyes won't see,
Someone's beauty to be.

Still: My love will live,
B'cause much in return I have to give.

The day is on it's way,
As someday I'll FADE AWAY.

--Harsh Mistry

Copyright © Harsh Mistry | Year Posted 2019

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What can be said?
For the divine word thy made.
It made a dumb,
Sing a song,
To the coward,
It made so strong.
It made the deaf,
Hear the tune.
And to the blind,
It showed the beautiful moon.
It made the roses,
Look so red.
And also to some wise,
It got them mad.
It made the lame, 
To play his game.
Without any shame,
And achieve fame.
Lastly I would say,
It’s surely true.
Because it made me write,
These rhymes for you

Copyright © Harsh Mistry | Year Posted 2019

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Her Eyes

Everyday I dive into,
The Ocean,
That resides in her eyes.
Blinking everytime,
They create a wave,
Hitting to my chest they make my brave.
But still,
My heart keeps drowning there.
And never wants to get saved.

Copyright © Harsh Mistry | Year Posted 2019

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“And little boy”
He (god) said.
You would be lost 
In the world of wonderness.
If I tell u the tale of her existence.
She inherited the rage of sun.
Amalgamated with;
Fine calmness of the Moon.
Alike to it, 
She loves her scars.
And her eyes;
They carry,
Galaxies full of stars.
She waged millions of wars.
With the shooting meteors,
To have enter your world.
She has overcame 
A millions of obstacle.
Her soul owns miracles.

                                  — Harsh

Copyright © Harsh Mistry | Year Posted 2020

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you met me
with a 
in your eyes.
and as you're
i'm burning
all the 
of you.
for now.
i find it
to end it all
the way everything started
with the same 
f i r e

Copyright © Harsh Mistry | Year Posted 2020