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Being Brown


my color does not rub off
on any one, said the brown
to the white, nor does it pale
on being exposed to you 
we could share the same spa, 
the water will not change color

don’t turn your face, your
back speaks the same language
as your steps echo the thoughts
laid bare, I may not react but
leave, turn back, with my body 
dripping drops of abject dismay
you become the looking glass, denying 
me my reflection, as in life everything
is a cause and effect, as are we, of the
same cause, two different effects, just 
the same causes presented differently,
such is the way of our known world

each time distaste is displayed, the
belief rises from layers of your past  
to rèflect on your being - though 
the scriptures prohibit, convenience 
beckons and provides the blinkers 
in this sequestered life of choosing

‘Tat tvam asi’ – you are what
you are – and I am the beautiful
me, without bleach and beyond the
veil – and, are we not all travelers
in search of the truth from the finite 
to the infinite, in our equal existence
you do not get everything you 
desire, since your life is chained to
your karma – your choices form
your destiny – not always in 
black and white but often displayed
in many shades, mostly in between

We are a part of the form and the 
formless, You can hurt the brown in 
the form not in the Formless, so do 
not judge - as you will be carrying
The baggage of a your fears in your
form searching the formless in time

In dreams that shelter hope, you 
live, with goals that were never 
complete - despite the faith or the 
lack of it - as they ignored much of 
the colour around – do your worst, 
as the best in me,  is yet to come

we will all be probably born again, 
when the colours of this life change
our present life may dictate the next 
as the past catches up in time, and 
perhaps, we will meet once again, 
when I am white and you brown

SUDHIR  DIWAN    54 lines

Vedic literature
* ‘Tat tvam asi’ -  you are what you are
and **‘Karma’ –  your good or bad deeds

Copyright © Sudhir Diwan | Year Posted 2018

Details | Sudhir Diwan Poem

Bit on the side



They strolled together with wistful strides, 
their marriage wows a step behind, 
and all the absent qualities in tow, 
the private mirth, the soundless words,

neither saw the storm in the winds, 
that could rustle leaves in their lives, 
neither felt the need to think or state, 
what could not be re lived, or be at stake,

nor felt the guilt, which would be fed again, 
with those excuses, to make things seem right,
knowing neither could stay away for long, 
nor break the bonds, the yokes of wedlock, 

those nuptial wows that catch up in step,
yet some times linger far behind ….

14           S O N N E T                    

Copyright © Sudhir Diwan | Year Posted 2018