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Best Poems Written by Sue Johnson

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I was at my desk when in he came. 
His hair was dark, his eyes the same. 
Excited, I blurted, almost a shout. 
"Hey you, would YOU like to go out?" 

His smile told me what I needed to know. 
And that was over thirty years ago! 
We're married now, for twenty years. 
Most of that was filled with tears. 

He drank, he lied, he ran away. 
But I still loved him to this day. 
Ten years ago, consumed with strife. 
He put down the bottle and  took back his life. 

His eyes are still dark, his hair not so much. 
His smile is for me and so is his touch. 
I weathered the bad times and cherished the good. 
The first time I saw him, I knew that I would. 
STill my love!

Copyright © Sue Johnson | Year Posted 2018

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It's something that you start out with 
it's there until betrayed 
But once the trust is broken 
the relationship is frayed 

It's not so easy to restore the faith 
once the deed is done 
It's work, work, and more work 
and that, my friends, not fun 

Some days are good, some days are not 
and that you can expect 
So--------stay on the road, long and straight 
your rewards are just ahead. 

For if you fall and lie again 
that wedge between you both 
Will widen, deepen, pull apart 
whatever made you close.

Copyright © Sue Johnson | Year Posted 2018

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Always With Me

I lay there
Under my shade tree
The sun, streaming through its branches
There's a warm breeze,  mixed with summer smells
All, taking me to another time.

I listen
I hear the children playing off in the neighborhood
The birds, calling to each other
The dogs barking
All, takes me away from today
All, taking me to another time.

I was there again
When my body was strong
My mind was sucking in all and any
My hopes were flowing with what, when and how
The excitement of just living
Taking me to another time.

I want to lay here forever
I don't want today to take me
But, reality strikes as I struggle to get up
Dinner needs to be made
Feed the dogs, fold the laundry
Taking me from this other time
Until another time!

Copyright © Sue Johnson | Year Posted 2021

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You knew me before
I ever knew you.
A child so innocent 
You watched as I grew.

Still of this world
I floundered and fell.
Thank you my Lord
You saved me from Hell.

The day that you touched me
My life became yours.
You guided, you kept me
From worldly lures.

I talked about life
How hard things had got.
You listened and told me
You loved me a lot.

As I drew closer
And followed behind.
Only to realize
You were changing my mind.

Remember that day, Lord
You reached out your hand.
You pulled me beside you
And that's where I stand.

Thank you My Lord
for all that you've done.
I love you and need you
No more do I run.

You knew me before 
I ever knew you.
Your name is Jesus 
And my name is Sue.

Copyright © Sue Johnson | Year Posted 2021