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Best Poems Written by A.O. Molony

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My Little Sister

My Little Sister

There is a girl I really like.
I haven't seen her in a long time.
She is my little snowflake.
I really wish she was still mine.

With hair like glitter
And a smile like a dream,
My mind remembers
All that I've ever seen.

Oh! Little sister.
My heart! My love! 
I pray you'll come back 
My sweet little dove.

Copyright © A.O. Molony | Year Posted 2018

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The Knight and Beast

I met a knight. 
He liked to fight.
I watched him run from left to right.

He had no fear.
It was here
Where man and Beast could fight and cheer.

A witch! 
She caused a twitch. 
The knight, he flipped and itched and itched.

The curse, it failed.
The witch, she ailed.
Then, beast and knight ran fast and bailed.

The beast and knight
They ran all night.
Until they came upon a light. 

It glowed so bright, 
They lost their sight,
And every day became like night.

Copyright © A.O. Molony | Year Posted 2019

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Adoptive Moms Are Great

Adoptive moms are great. Really!        
A special mom will come to you just when the moment’s right.
They’ll show up day or night. They are truly worth the wait!     

Adoptive moms are protective.     
They’ll never let anyone hurt you. You are so, so special. 
They’ll always be there for you and you’ll always have what you need.

Adoptive moms are loving. 
They hold you when you cry. They hug you when you’re sad. 
They’ll love you and adore you even when you are mad, or really, really bad!

Adoptive moms are helpful.        
They notice when you struggle, so they’ll teach you many things.
They want you to succeed with anything that you can dream.

Adoptive moms are strong. 
They don’t lose faith when days are long. They won’t give up on you.
They’ll fight when things go wrong. They are people you can depend on.

Copyright © A.O. Molony | Year Posted 2019