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I remember…

I remember nothing.
My memories don’t serve me
like peace doesn’t serve you.
As if you went to Korea for war
And never came back. 
even though, I see you every day. 

When you give me that look
Control and abuse exert into the air
As my innocence and love 
Leave the room. 

I remember being terrified, 
But mostly hurt. Hurt from
You causing the pain.
Hurting my mom physically
And hurting myself emotionally.
You griped her neck, like a 
Batter with one strike left grips
A bat, hitting for home.  

I remember running out the house; 
Running from the person I’m 
Supposed to love and want.
Someone who is to teach me how
To love. 

I only learned how to hate.

I remember the absence of innocence
I cannot recall bliss.

I remember abuse, I remember pain.
I remember nothing.

Copyright © Elijah Suarez | Year Posted 2018

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I come from moch

I come from the anxiety of my father’s footsteps marching down the hallway.
Each step bangs like the Jumanji drums beating beneath my bones.

I come from my favorite color being the wrong color on my block. So I wore black and white like a chain-gang, imprisoned by thugs. 

I come from overbearing amount of 
salt and butter trying to mask the bitter taste of the black sheep in the room.
That everyone has drama with at least someone in the family. Much like prescription medications mask reality.  

I come from dead end therapy 
because nothing can rewire a
man-child that doesn’t understand 
he is broken inside, but on the 
outside he smiles and waves 
like a prince to a broken kingdom.
?I come from sitting amongst sheep
But trying to suppress the wolf in me.
Ferocious intentions praying on the 
naive like politicians to the uneducated. 

I come from a broken household which
continues to shape the way I feel and live. 

Copyright © Elijah Suarez | Year Posted 2018

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a letter to moch

A Letter To Moch

Dear younger self,

If I could turn the tides
And go back.
Begin to work on the
Emotional wall that
Stops you from living,
I would. 

The things we have witnessed
Gracefully made us who we are.
Becoming the man, you want to be 
Is like walking the narrow slippery 
top of the wall that, I had
made in defense of suffering.

I would tell you that the stone wall that has built up moss from the absent of emotional work, and that missing stones is who 
You are, but that isn’t the end.

While traveling the top of this wall
You should walk, hopefully downward. 
Travel with heavy heart felt steps until
You no longer travel on our wall.

If its pain, take each step slow like
A baby learning to walk. How you
Chose to step is up to you. 

Continue to shape and transform, 
But do not become the mason that 
Builds the wall. With each fallen stone
The opportunity to love blossoms like flowers in the spring. Depict each stone 
as a feeling. Forgive, love, and accept the wall. And continue to move forward. 

Copyright © Elijah Suarez | Year Posted 2018