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Best Poems Written by Ally Maiste

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My thoughts
Chase away my dreams
Now turned to nightmares
Full of screams

When will my life
Come to an end?
Will I be the one to stop it?
Is this all just pretend?

He comes from the shadows
Makes no noise
I let him get to me
I am overjoyed

Will he do 
What I cannot?
End my life
Let my body rot?

My smile is full
His hands do not waver
I say a silent goodbye
He is my death-filled
Life saver

Copyright © Ally Maiste | Year Posted 2018

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My Demon

Follows me
With its cold
And terrifyingly 

Haunts me
My thoughts
My heart

My demon
Never leaves
It slowly
Tortures me
Into a never ending spiral
Of insanity

Copyright © Ally Maiste | Year Posted 2018

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Rainy Tears

Dizziness and heartache 
Past, present
Pain, regret
Emptiness overflow 
Full of nothing 
I just can’t control

Lullabies and sadness
I’m so useless
A numbness addict
To rid me of the pain
Let me get lost some day
Lost in my head, I am insane

Delight and happiness
Too foreign 
I just can’t take this 
Drift away
Watching rainy tears pour

Copyright © Ally Maiste | Year Posted 2018

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Soul X

Bedroom lights
Match the stars tonight
Fingers tapping
You wondering what’s happening
To you
But what can I do?
Understand and agree
But I can’t make you see
There’s so much more
Than what it seems 
Spread this to me
I’ll try to seem strong
Hold you up
As your soul falls 
To meet mine
Till I say goodbye

Copyright © Ally Maiste | Year Posted 2018

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My tires 
Into the pavement
Hitting the lines
Of the sidewalk

Surrounds me 
A single path 
Leading nowhere 
Through an abyss 

A foreign word
In this vastness
The opposite
Of the world
I used to know 
And now the one
I only dream of

Is my biggest enemy 
Speaking to myself
So I don’t forget 
What a voice
Sounds like

My raspy voice
Covering the sound
Of my dying 
Which only reflects
My thoughts

What’s there to live for

A common thought of mine
Feeding myself
Fake hope
Fake endings
Saying them so much
I almost believe them
To be true

Copyright © Ally Maiste | Year Posted 2018

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Darkness falls
I succumb to 
My mind
The stars echoing
Through the night sky

Bits of light
More than anything
I could ever be
Greater than my world
Or what’s here of me

Shivering in cold
A blanket wrapped around me
Staring into the void
Of the universe
That’s so much bigger
Than what it seems

My thoughts are small
To anyone but me
They really don’t matter
In the grand scheme
Of things

Anything I do
For good or for bad
Won’t be remembered 
In the very end

Copyright © Ally Maiste | Year Posted 2018

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Psychotic Insomniac

The moon rises
Through the darkness
Stars appear 
Twinkling I’m the vastness
I close my eyes
Shutting them out

I lay down 
My head
On a pillow of horror
It never lets me rest

My thoughts 
Keep me awake
Jolting means I start to drift
My mind seems to be warning me
Of nightmares
But really
That’s what I’m trying 
To escape 

I can’t leave
But I know
I very well can’t stay
Or these thoughts and memories 
Will consume me
And my sanity

Midnight comes
With no sound
Except for the screaming in my head 
Nobody is awake
To save me
From this

Finally my thoughts recede
Giving me 
Of mercy

Dry on me
As I fall

Copyright © Ally Maiste | Year Posted 2018

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Eternally bound
Watch me plummet to the ground
Watch the world spin round
My feelings falling down

Alone in this
No one is here to stop me
Never able to understand
Not able to understand myself 

Where have I gone
The girl I once was
Cast away
Lost in the shadows

Taken over by me
A girl I don’t know
Wondering who I am
And where I’m meant to go

Who will I become?
Will I be anything at all?
Do I even want to be?
I make everything go wrong

Think of the world
Like there is no tomorrow
Everything would change
Take away my sorrow

But tomorrow 
always comes
Threatening me with anger
Losing me in the path
Of a life that isn’t here

Where do I go now?
Can anybody save me
Would you want to if you could
Or am I not worth saving?

For me, I’m not sure
Broken, sad
Unable to go back
To the life I used to have

Abandoned, alone
Nowhere else to go
Stuck here
My life has been overthrown 

Copyright © Ally Maiste | Year Posted 2018

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A warning to the people 
 The good and the evil 
For when I die
The fire in my bones
Will ignite
To wildfires 

Watch your back
A ghost is upon you
My shadowy figure
Waiting around every corner
Prepare for an attack 

I don’t care 
Who you are
What you want to be
You’re all the same to me

A victim of my hunger
A feast for my flame
Suffocate and burn
One by one
Say your goodbyes

The whole world is hell
Suffer now or later
There’s no difference

Hunt or be hunted 
In the world
Of prey
Who believe themselves
To be wolves

Copyright © Ally Maiste | Year Posted 2019

Details | Ally Maiste Poem

No One

No one is here
Do what I must
They will never come
Leave me in dust

Abandoned, alone
A single light shines
Blown out by the breeze
Say my goodbyes

Goodbyes to no one
For nobody is there
Here to save me?
Please come prepared

Copyright © Ally Maiste | Year Posted 2018