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Best Poems Written by Carolyn Brunner

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Unheard Moments

People say hate is a strong word

Well so is ( fill in blank)

( fill in blank), a word I don't understand

It feels so heavy on my tongue

When I look at my parents, the word won't budge from my 

Maybe we weren't built on ( fill in blank )

It's not like we tell each other..

I ( fill in blank)  you

However yesterday, I overheard my teammate on the phone 

She spoke those three words so eloquently 

I felt joyful and sad

Knowing that I heard it

It almost sounded like the message was for me

Copyright © Carolyn Brunner | Year Posted 2018

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My Hall of Mirrors

Hesitating to explain is what I do best
Sometimes I'd rather not even explain
Because my truths
Will be misunderstood by many ears and eyes

My truths ache when you spread rumors
They seethe as you fabricate a me that never existed
You gather your believers as I gather myself
Standing alone among the crowd -
I said "I needed a friend, not a fair-weathered one."

Copyright © Carolyn Brunner | Year Posted 2018

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a walk to remember

I never thought I would miss you this much

Walking beside you

I felt protected

And in the gloomiest mornings

You spoke such reassuring words to me

Even if you stuttered or missed a step

It all was glorious

Can I walk another infinity with you?

Copyright © Carolyn Brunner | Year Posted 2018