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Strawberry Kiss

The tip of her nose 
studded with blackheads like seeds
on a strawberry, 

she stared back at me; 
I could feel her move closer. 
She asked, should we kiss? 

Panting, I just gazed. 
Her breasts touched my own. I closed 
my eyes and breathed no.

Copyright © neilbee love tayco | Year Posted 2008

Details | Neilbee Love Tayco Poem

Mt. Pinatubo

Three o’clock in the afternoon: 
the sun should have been 
scorching the asphalts 
and the shingles on roofs, but 

spurts of red electric spark
ran across the sky.  Blackness 
smothered any hint of light. 
Molten earth spewed out 
from the gates of hell. The ground 
rumbled and shook. 
Ash engulfed the rice fields. 
Those who were caught 
and trapped in its path 
were mummified like those at Pompeii. Rocks, 
mud rained from heaven, 
thudded against concrete walls. Palm and coconut 
trees were unearthed from their roots 
as if a gardener was yanking out weeds. 

Villagers ran blindly to a nearby church 
while their skins roasted and peeled  
from their muscles and bones. The ones, 
who were able to reach 
the Cross, suffocated—their lungs 
seared from sulfuric acid. 
An avalanche of dirt buried them 
six feet deep.

I was on the opposite 
side of the island. The wind 
howled as it blew East. 

Copyright © neilbee love tayco | Year Posted 2008

Details | Neilbee Love Tayco Poem

December 26, 2004

I vacationed in the Northern 
part of the Philippines. I watched 
the news, a newscaster assured the viewers 
that the tsunami was not 
going to affect the region where I stayed. 
As I listened, I daydreamed 
about swimming 
or using a fallen door 
to ride the waves. 

Two years later, I watched 
a home video from one of the survivors 
documented by National Geographic. The person 
filmed a man running towards 
the hotel. The first wave caught him 
by the feet, as if a whip lashed around his ankles, 
pulled then shoved 
his body forward. His arms 
wailed, fighting the force.
It carried him, 
slammed his head first against the door. 

Copyright © neilbee love tayco | Year Posted 2008