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Summer Season On A Time Clock

Every dawn I yawn quiet, florescence I inhibit softly
A clear image I peep, nature settles calmly
Her intentions are infectious like a blossomed flower
Reminds me of a family member who meet God at the calling hours
Kindred spirit fully defined the character she was
I inherited the genetics, only reason I still search for love

But moments I'm impatient because there is not much time
Predicting a future analysis, for a young guy it's surprising
Maybe it's my fatal dreams that scream to me
I hope I at least find a woman I adore passionately
When I'm shook with hesitation, I feel the wind grabbing me
Pulling me with motivation to hopefully find my destiny

Dear Heavenly Father, I give you my props
Even though I walked without confidence and stumbled a lot
I will forever praise you as you raised me
Continue striving and even after my heartbeat suddenly stops
Showing my appreciation because you're the only one who truly cared for me
You did make me suffer, but for a good cause
To make me stronger and improve my many flaws
Failed connections I made because I misunderstood how I came across

The surface we stand on is never expected to be perfect
Please heal those who once made me feel worthless

I rest in your closed arms, a home I truly belong
My illness happened for a reason, you were the answer all along 

Copyright © Anthony Parker | Year Posted 2018

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Passionately Falling Into The Abyss

Zenith from a telescope 
Chose this device at times to view the slightest hope
Fractured elements of my past seem to have their grip
For a brief time to reflect on struggle as rain starts to drip

Having faith that a single memory would significantly improve you
Captivating true affection for somebody special because I don't want to lose you
Proving that my worthiness is not minuscule, I approach with warm intentions
In the same field I'm fading desperately in need for attention
Not to mention I have Dysthymia, a ligament to severe depression 

Regardless of my atmosphere, I remain strong 
So when I finally meet a girl, she can say I was the right one all along
Usually I'm up before dawn thinking of her future presence
Been riding solo for 20 years, digging myself out of the hole I fell in

I made negative choices that brought me near a closed door
All the pain I go through speaks to the ones already in storage
Collected notes and journals locked away when my tears start to pour
Difficult for me to accept the fact I'm distant from the girl I adore

Broken artificially due to the chemicals that consumed me during birth 
Thanks to Mom I'm cursed with lack of blood flow when I'm trying to learn
Aggravation reached it's climax while I roast and burn
At work their explanations are never clear and firm
Only answer is God until I eternally yearn

Copyright © Anthony Parker | Year Posted 2018

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Two Soul Stars

Peculiarities are seen Hence their life is angelic 
Gifts and presents are always bound for credit

She taught me, it's the thought that counts
I always stay loyal to her, her love carries 50 pounds

Her voice is infectious when she sings
Momentary gazing I fastened, warmth she brings

My life was perfect until she suddenly held her hand with another guy
Left me puzzled I was reaching the climax of wanting to die

Silent cries soft spoken, while I woke up from the dream and sighed
I thought it was supposed to be you and I, now my misery is quantified 

2 weeks ago I had that dream, from that point, I was weary
Death is scary to some, but I find it sweet, if it was me in my dictionary

I need a woman near me so I don't foul play my life to take
Shaking my time span sustainable, this is the Devil's game

Copyright © Anthony Parker | Year Posted 2018

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Bridge-Way To An Author's Dream

I calculate the madness and it's still incurable
What does the world want? the elements keep me miserable

I Tip-toe and gleam to salvage my goals and dreams
My pen bleeds blue or black ink, 4 to 5 utensils applied to meaning

I might be inclined to sketch my life graphically
But what's the point? why can't I enjoy moments relaxingly 

If I Step my feet in her boundary, she will not permit
Even if I called her digits or was prompted by stitches 

My heart is busied so affiliating with you would be knew
I never had a connection to last crucially to understand the visual

Siblings' example makes it look so easy
They try to preach me on subjects bound reach me

I sometimes fail to listen and learn
Whether I am initiated with Christ like they are
I tend to believe staying close to them, keeps me aligned and firm

Copyright © Anthony Parker | Year Posted 2018

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Finding Equilibrium Through The Depths Of Solitude

Socially unorganized, I place critics down a size
Standing with preferred confidence gave me insight
Partially adapted from the root of fear
I sometimes hear my inner voice remarking that my time is near

Position to overcome challenging courses
By altering our contained nature to make stronger choices 
Often at the mill I witness the loud of noises
I either adjust or continue breathing in the poison and drown in my salty ocean

Maybe tears can be manufactured through happy times
Is it weird I fake my laughter through your own surprises 

Some may question my ability to think and process
I reveal the sources to my brightened conscience

Assemble the many gears we set in stone
Ever wonder what's it's like to be thrown?

My past creates a memory lane for me to see
I rather improve my empathy willing to still believe

In love with a spirit because I glance swiftly while there is no in sight
Passport to find true family as I hunch over my seat, in hopes to discover actual happiness during a safe flight 

Copyright © Anthony Parker | Year Posted 2018

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Parker's Premise

From 1998, I was born while my existence was pronounced a fluke
Evil twin, though an age gap, I sat myself flat after physical abuse
I salute to the man who fouled my head off a saw splitter
Mad man with a given temper only persuaded my blood flow thinner

Excessive middle finger to where I pull the trigger
On Christmas, his fellow friends prolonged the demon’s dinner
Couple of high school kids much bigger than what I have figured
He now remains in the same place with revenge waiting to be delivered

A young 5th grade minor feeling the wrath of a swinging guitar
I was unaware at the time that his conscience was dark
Pull blown sparks being targeted towards his front yard
Retaliation wasn’t needed until your intentions were meant to harm

Copyright © Anthony Parker | Year Posted 2018

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Key To Heaven's Gate

Knowing too much can be draining
Those not proving what they're claiming

Personally, It's faith I'm aiming
Issues can be caused by simply complaining

Until my fate frames me...

I'll forever be a man with a damaged wing
Considerably gifted but humble while I'm fading to live

Is there a purpose to this chapter
Watch me spend hours on writing to be a rapper

Light flashes as I contain a bulb to perform laughter
Not thinking of the simplicity of me becoming sadder
I head-but vibes and only bring confusion to everything I gather

Making sense of the world is to much to offer
Sincerely, call me Edward Parker
A self-composed man exposing his nature of an author

Copyright © Anthony Parker | Year Posted 2018