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I found me a wife 
Mama a wife from a brothel... 

She is real mama
She is true... 

Pretentious are the girls you introduced me to
Fake are the saints I saw in church... 

          Natural hair
        Natural body
       Fake character... 

 I heard their words but could read in between the lines
Mama in their truths I saw deep lies
In their covered thighs I saw their naked filth... 

Mama I met a woman of the night
She is so real till she feels so right 
Don't get confused by her nakedness ma... 

She ain't like those church girls who sneak to the club through the back door
She ain't them that cover their emptiness with long dresses on Sunday... 

She has tasted the good and the bad
She has hurt and has been hurt too many times
Mama,  she ain't the church girls... 

Mama there is no wife in church
They fake,  they lie in front of God
They dress their sorrows with fake smiles
Mama,  they are not real

Mama i found me a wife 
Beaten and shuttered by the world
She knows the meaning of love and hate 
She knows the difference between real and fake... 

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Copyright © Samuel Kilonzo | Year Posted 2018

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They say once your in, there’s no way out
Unless you’re wounded in a bed, or six feet under ground
You step out into the streets
Getting shot, without a witness to see
Just lying there all blooded up
With blackened pupils, and still breath
Your homies comes across to see
To realize their member has been shot and deceased
But it’s not over, but then it may
“An eye for an eye”, Is what they say

Black on black crimes
Latino’s killing their own
Whites fighting themselves
Mexicans stunt on their own
Killing for what’s theirs
And for what they want for themselves
You step on their turf, be prepared to meet death

No one else can see him
Just your eyes alone
Only they can feel his presence
Tonight you won’t be going home
What you bragged
You weren’t afraid of
Has come to see if it’s true
Death puts his hands upon your shoulder
You don’t know what to do

As you look into his empty eyes
You remember the takings of other’s lives
Then you come to realize
That your own people weren’t there
To save your life
Who do you have to look at now?
Did they ever care once before?
Or left you at your own bound

You think hanging in gangs is cool
But if you were smart
You wouldn’t think like a fool
Gangs you believe you’re committed to
Are only playing games
And making up their own rules
You do this to yourself
Because you have no one to depend on
But the decisions you choose and chose to do leave you nowhere
But inside a whole
Now you’re gone and your family’s in pain
How do you think they feel?
knowing you left them
Playing your own game

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Copyright © Samuel Kilonzo | Year Posted 2018

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She lit my soul on fire for her from the very start.
She's the one I feel at peace with when I'm laying in her arms.
She's the one who captivates me with all her witty charm.
She's everything I want and everything I need

She's every single love song and in every book I read.
Every minute we share together is a minute I'll always hold tight.
She's my angel in the morning, afternoon, and night.
She's not perfect, but to me she's pretty close.
She's a red sports car,in the summer,running ninety.

She's quick to give an attitude adjustment right when I need it the most.
She's that star in the sky that is shinning brighter than the rest.
She's that one ounce of encouragement I need to do my very best.
She's the one who knows me better than anyone else ever could.

She's the one who loves me even more than she probably should.
She's got a way of touching my heart like nobody else knows.
She's the woman I love from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.
She's everything I want and everything I need

She's forever the one I always want beside me.
She's all the words I do not say because the words do not come fast enough.
She's soft, sweet, kind, and sincere, but at times can be very tough.
She's the most expensive, most precious, priceless work of art.

She's the one, I swear, I'll never let go of until death do us part.
She's absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, my angel from above.
She's the reason I write this poem to try and express my love.
She's everything I want and everything I need

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Copyright © Samuel Kilonzo | Year Posted 2018

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Would you care?
If I slid a blade across my skin,
Would you care then?
What if I jumped off a cliff and drowned,
Would you wear a frown?
Is it sad that sometimes,
I want to be terribly injured
to see if you care?
Thinking while talking with
friends on a balcony,
wondering if I get pushed off
accidentally, what would you
Would there be fear in your eyes?
Would you run down the stairs
to see if I was alive?
Would you panic and wonder
what the world is going to be like without me?
Or would you feel... nothing?
Would you not even care?
You cant help me, theres nothing you can do
cause im already broken through and through
just leave me alone and ill disappear
no one will notice im not here
ill be a shadow on the wall
and none of you will even know at all
im breaking piece by piece
my end is nearly here
Would you even care if I disappeared?

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Copyright © Samuel Kilonzo | Year Posted 2018