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Hollow be thy name

Foul acts leave tainted oil upon the soul, smothering all that we are
After the suffocation, only hollow remains
For every tarnishing blow we deal to our existence there is a cost
Blinded by arrogance and self-gratitude we plummet
For we are not shards of light broken from otherworldly powers

Cold breath of man looms over earth like thick smoke, with it cometh decimation and cancer
The light no longer piercing through the putrid oil, blind we plummet
Further,we descend into madness, greed and alienation
The last breath long drawn

Slaves to self-corruption, the milk of our light becomes sour 
So deep is our self-righteous belief held within the few
That the painful cries of the mother fall upon death ears
In darkness and silence, we plummet

It would be wise not to question, if the answers you seek inflict trauma
Blunt realization striking down upon the brittle fragments of hope

Take solace in knowing that the destructive mechanisms set into motion will only destroy their architect
for man is lost, and salvation becomes delusion

as we disembowel our home, scar tissue forms over the damage
The oil is sealed within us
The right to spread the blaze will be stripped from us
With the gifts we did not deserve

Feel no sadness for the end of man, for we perished long ago
Husks now, empty and without feeling

Lord to man is a destruction

Heaven holds no room for tarnished souls

senseless we plummet.

Hollow be thy name

Copyright © Sean Houghton | Year Posted 2018