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It was different back then

As a child, morals are all about black and white,
Will this hurt them or give them a fright?
It was simple back then when everything was either right or wrong,
Those days are now long gone.
The days where our Mums would tell us what do,
Help guide us all the way through.
They were all don’t steal, don’t lie,
We’d do something wrong and get to ask ‘why?’
Gone are the days where things were either good or bad,
Where if you did something wrong you could run to your dad.
He would give you lecture, just a little speech,
Where in it the difference between right and wrong he would teach.
It was all about being nice and caring,
If you were cruel you had to be daring.
It was easy to know what to do and how to be polite,
We’d smile and be good before going to sleep for the night.
Now look at us now, in a constant confused state,
Is it good? Is it bad? Is everything fake?
There are little grey areas hidden in every topic,
No one even knows for sure how to stop it.
Everyone has a different opinion to base on what to do, 
On how to live and see this life through.
Its all dependent on what you want or believe.
We were always told if you do good things, great things you’d achieve.
Now that were older the morals are all different,
Life had made some of us wiser and others ignorant.
Really it comes from one thing, one thing is how it starts.
Simply put morals come from what you let rule your heart.

Copyright © Shayla Ricardo | Year Posted 2018